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Superior Readings Training

Kenton Knepper is acknowledged around the world as a Master Reader and innovator of original readings methods.

Kenton now offers an exciting new training for people who want to do readings successfully.

Too many mentalists teach nonsense that any well-educated reader or client would see right through.

Kenton teaches readings based on real symbolism and insight that is in line with both the psychological and the most well-educated esoteric traditions.

You won't be acting like a phony, or telling people just stock reading lines.

Kenton is the man when it comes to realistic and sensible readings. Now you can learn from him yourself.



Some of What You Will Learn:

* Get specific training sessions by Kenton on properly using the power of Wonder Words in readings.

* Don't be a fake. Do readings that are true and fit you personally.

* Discover ways to do readings to get your own private clients.

* Do readings casually, or in formal readings sessions.

* Learn simple ways to jump-start a readings business.

* Do readings without memorization or stock lines.

* Grasp the true power of readings and suggestion.

* Learn classic and original readings tools and systems.

* Learn intuitive as well as psychological readings.

* Get as simple or as complex as you like.

* Understand readings like few others can.

* Work readings into your standard magic or mentalism.


What You WON'T Get:

* The typical mentalist lines of bull.

* Sounds-good but wrong symbol interpretation.

* Fake education and lying to others for selfish profit.

* Making your way in fear, hoping to be right, and trying to read "tells".

* Straining your brain to remember what to say.

* Making stupid comments that get you into legal trouble.

* Being responsible for someone else's issues.

* Misleading people about your powers and wisdom.


The Bottom Line:

You can spend thousands of dollars learning readings from people who are blind to fakes and frauds, and who teach you nonsense they had to believe to make it, or you can learn from cynics who say, "It's all made up anyway, so here is how to fool others doing readings" when it is obvious to anyone trained in real readings information that these people are complete frauds.


You can learn from the man who is the acknowledged Master and Innovator of sincere readings and readings systems, Kenton Knepper.

Your choice.

Do intuitive and psychological readings that are different, interesting, entertaining, honest, and profitable.

If you have always wanted to make money doing readings, learn how to do readings without phony stock lines, begin learning readings from scratch, work readings into your mentalism and magic, or make the readings you already know much better, this is the program for you.

You have two options to learn. Pick which one is best for you. Then get ready to actually DO readings quickly. The sooner you join the quicker you will be doing them.

Learn from the Master of Readings, today.




Each month will be a different set of teachings. Each month you gain access to a new set of materials to keep as long as you like on your online Members page. New file access will appear to the next month's lessons and secret files will appear about 30 days after your previous files.

Each month brings a new set of applications, study guides, interviews, etc. 

Membership is a recurring payment, paid monthly. You may cancel at any time. If you cancel, all access will be revoked.  Only current paid members will have access to new files, interviews, membership chat area, and other privileges.

Monthly subscriptions can be canceled at the end of a payment cycle before a new one begins.

We have made access incredibly affordable so anyone who really cares to learn directly from The Master his original principles and applications, with all the insider information, can do so easily.

For Review Then:

Monthly Membership (Renewed Monthly) - $49.97

You may cancel at any time. Cancel by the end of the terms of your renewal to be sure you will not be charged for renewal in the next month. You will not retain access to your files online if you cancel. We cannot cancel retroactively, but we will be sure to cancel you right away if you so choose, so you will not be charged for the month to come. The videos in teaching memberships are for current members only. We don't release much of the membership material separately, and we don't have downloads of the videos to keep them out of the hands of non-members. If you ever leave a membership please be sure to take notes on the video sections as they are not accessible if you are not a member. Thank you for understanding and helping us keep our special membership teaching to those students currently enrolled in these memberships. The memberships get material other teaching sections do not. 

NOTE: This special membership is NOT like the Mind Reading Membership. This membership focuses on readings of all kinds, intuitive and psychological. The Mind Reading Membership is focused a little bit on readings, but mostly on mentalism. If you want to learn practical readings, start your own readings business, have readings clients, or add readings into your mentalism or magic, this is the membership for you.


"Kenton really goes into a place others don’t even know exists with some of this work. He blew my mind guys. I’ve learned more about this as an art from the short time I’ve been fortunate enough to meet with Kenton than probably anything else. Truly next level stuff here. Thank you Kenton!" - Travis Nemo

"Outstanding training - should be essential, basic underpinning for all." - Robert Merlin Davis