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Learning Magic or Studying Tricks

Learning Magic or Studying Tricks

It is fine for performing artists to focus on one main expression and hone their skills. Real magicians on the other hand need to try out many things to have a wide variety of options in their bag of medicine.

When I began in magic I did close-up and parlor magic. I didn't study just card tricks. I learned the history of magic, became fascinated with stunts and the fakirs (East Indian mystery performers) worked on a burlesque magic show, a gospel magic show, a hypnotic show, a comedy magic show, a full stage illusion show, and a whole lot more.

Why? Because my teachers insisted I understand the basics of theatre, psychology and magic. I had teachers who were mentalists, and teachers who were opposed to anything that suggested the mystical. I had a big background in magic. I preferred pretty magic when I was younger, and I worked with doves, a rabbit, flowers, liquids, etc. I trained on a 2 and 1/2 hour stage show, as well as a full evening hypnotic show. Not to mention the crass nightclub shows, working close-up in an alleged mafia-run bar when I was 14, and so on.

Most magicians and mentalists think of me as a mentalist first. That is not at all my history. Mentalism was part of my training, not all of it.

I studied related things too. I became actively engaged in psychology, became a teacher's assistant in psychology classes in High School, worked backstage and in front of the curtain in theatre, read about yoga, ESP, fakery, skepticism, real magic - you name it. 

So when people today ask me if they should study just one thing, I tell them to get a good solid background in magic. From that, they can choose many ways to entertain, and decide which parts of magic they love the very most.

I did not do readings until my later years in mentalism and magic. I did study symbolism, mysticism and psychology however, and that allowed me to do readings, and later create and teach readings, that were different from what others had done.

This too is why, from time to time, I release special works that are not tricks, but actual psychological tools that can help people help themselves.

I have found the power in performance magic, and I teach my best students about that. 

I can do so because of my wide and varied background.

When I release special tools that I have developed, I do so knowing that the right people, who are ready to do more than just tricks, will find those teachings. They are not meant for common tricksters who all buy the same tricks. I teach people who are ready to live real magic, not just pull tricks on their fellow human beings.

If my sort of approach interests you, then please join the membership programs that are right for you on my website at and look for powerful real tools that work magically to help people transform their lives, not simply boost your own ego.

If you are ready for such things, I look forward to working with you!