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Equivoque Masterclass - Kenton Masterclasses Vol 1

  • 1 1/2 hour video of Kenton Knepper with Pablo Amira demonstrating unique equivoque techniques
  • Equivoque masterclass texts from Kenton Knepper and Pablo Amira
  • New practical approaches to make equivoque entertaining and engaging no matter what happens
  • Bonus Tarot effect by Corey White
  • Bonus effect "Killer Smoke" by Peter Turner
  • Bonus effect "Kontrol"

Such an amazing project!
People, get this, the conversation and amount of content and inspiration from Kenton is truly masterclass level!

- Pablo Amira


Kenton's Masterclass teach-in sessions with Pablo Amira have arrived. Learn from Kenton and his student Pablo Amira on a wide variety of important topics in each Kenton Masterclass volume.

Masterclass Vol 1 is all about making equivoque realistic, memorable, and engaging.

Imagine being able to force a single book on a huge bookshelf. You'll see how Kenton does it and learn to do it yourself, right here.

Imagine a participant sensing when to choose a force item, without feeling forced.

Imagine never worrying about missing during any outcome of equivoque, because people love whatever you do.

Learn new and rare approaches to making equivoque work, no matter what.

Discover secret ways of influence that cause participants to choose items you predict.

Force one envelope out of 50 or more envelopes.

Force one item out of a table full of items.

And SO much more.

Kenton Knepper's original approaches make doing equivoque fun, easy, powerful, and memorable. Once you allow the video lesson to sink in, and read the additional texts supplied, you'll be ready to do startling equivoque without conscious thought or concern.

Pablo Amira interviews Kenton Knepper, and gets Kenton to give up truly insider work, some of which Kenton has never shared anywhere before.

Note: You should know the very, very basics of equivoque or "Magician's Choice" before taking this class. You don't need to know anything but the essential basics to easily understand and apply what is in this Masterclass.

Includes a 1 1/2 hour video, a complete audio recording of the Masterclass to listen to again and agin, additional Masterclass texts from Kenton Knepper and bonus notes by Pablo Amira, a new effect and approach by Cory White, PLUS an additional bonus effect by Peter Turner, and a bonus effect and set of methods by Kenton known as "Kontrol" to be sure you get it ALL.


  1. Equivoque Masterclass Video

    1 Video
  2. Equivoque Masterclass Text

  3. Peter Turner Killer Smoke

    1 Download
  4. Tarot Prediction by Corey White

    1 Download
  5. KONTROL by Kenton and The S.E.C.R.E.T. School (PDF Download)

    1 Download
Media Type Online Course

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