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Meaning Trilogy

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  • This is Kenton's "Secret Trilogy" to create meaning no matter what
  • Anti-tada, Genuine Amazement and It's Suggestion lesson books
  • 3 Powerful Lecture Videos
  • Acclaimed by Jeff McBride, Fraser Parker, Larry Haas, and mentalists around the world.

Do you want to be more than a mere trickster?

Do you yearn to make your magic or mentalism more powerful, important, touching and meaningful?

This Course gives you the powerful teachings by Kenton Knepper that thrilled performers in Las Vegas, Jeff McBride's Magic and Meaning as well as his private students, changed how mentalism and magic could be done, and turned stale old tricks into artistic gold.

These works when used together, as intended by Kenton, opens your mind and abilities to entirely new levels of power.

Your magic and mentalism will never be the same. Your audiences will feel connected to you.

People will remember you over other performers. You will be able to transform lives not by long storytelling or preaching, but simply by performing magic and mentalism that you already do.

Many people tell you to make your magic and mentalism more meaningful. No one else teaches you exactly how to do that. 

Without long stories, uncomfortable preaching to audiences, obvious, bizarre or trite meaning making, you will create memorable experiences for all who see you perform.

The best part? It isn't difficult at all! Learn these secret approaches and use the ones that feel best to you. Kenton doesn't tell you what you have to do or say. He gives you loads of options so you can choose the ways that fit YOU best.


3 powerful videos of Kenton teaching these principles in Las Vegas to some of the names in magic and mentalism from around the world.

3 full books in PDF format to read as you desire to get more details, approaches and specifics, not to mention many very entertaining, memorable, meaningful tricks.


Better than a month of speeches and motivational training,  you will learn to use practical tools to easily create great magic, mentalism, meaning and memorable events.

Courses release files in segments so you don't get overwhelmed or lost. Your first month begins the course, and the second month gives you the rest of the related material, so you can easily absorb and practice these ideas.



  1. Genuine Amazement with Bonus Video

    1 Video
    1 Download

    1 Video
  3. It's Suggestion (Download)

    1 Video
    1 Download
Media Type Online Course

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