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Metal Bending Secrets Course

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  • Kenton was one of the very first metal bending performers, along with Uri Geller and Steve Shaw (Banachek), in the 1970s.
  • Realistic metal bending without tricky misdirection or those quick, suspicious moves, others do.
  • Bend, melt, obliterate, shred and mutilate, spoons, keys and coins.
  • Courses release files in segments so you don't get overwhelmed or lost. Your first month begins the course, and the second month gives you the rest of the related material, so you can easily absorb and practice these ideas.

"WTF ?!!!!" - Sean Boon 


"WOW. What a package!" - Jim Edward, Motivational Mentalist


"This is absolutely fantastic stuff --- do NOT miss it!" - Daniel Ulin 

"Your close up is a revelation" - Kevin Burke, Las Vegas Entertainer Of The Year 

"Wonder Wizards rocks. The spoon bending stuff is awesome and has gone into my current act. There has always been a disconnect with me between bending metal and mentalism as the way I perform it. The new works by Kenton Knepper helped bridge the gap and now it plays perfectly. And I won't say that the concept that helped me finally add spoon bending to my full act is simple but it was obvious. This doesn't make the idea that changed my mind any less profound because it is most certainly that. And now I can make the other bends I do even better and more realistic. I am not interested in performing tricks. I am interested in creating experiences and your thinking behind this is just that: an experience." - Richard Tenace


Kenton's metal bending has been a staple in his act since the 1970s.

For the first time Kenton is releasing a few remarkable bends for mystery performers. This is some pretty twisted stuff...literally. The live footage on this page is real, clearly not staged, glitches and all, unlike some tricked out youtube fakery being sold, with first take, real world, reactions. This is the real thing with real people watching. Not a bunch of set-up friends in perfectly arranged situations to look impromptu.

You get decades worth of real life practical stuff, not something some newbie thought up in their parent's basement.

This full course includes:

* Kenton's Famous One Finger Bend: A spoon is balanced on a single finger, and then is seen to melt over the finger. The spoon is immediately handed out for examination.

* Spoon Smooshing Updated: Learn the modernized Kenton classic of "Spoon Smooshing" in which the bowl of an examined and borrowed spoon melts like clay, is stretched at the fingertips, and is even imprinted with the performers fingers...until INSTANTLY it snaps right back to normal and may be examined!

* Kenton's Elongating Spoon: in which a spoon begins to bend, then is seen to extend and grow longer, and longer, and longer still, until it bends and is immediately handed out for examination.

* The Melting Spoon Wave: Kenton's strange breakthrough original in which a spoon openly set and displayed on a FLAT extended hand is seen to MELT ON ITS OWN and take on the curve of the fingers on the performer's hand! No sudden moves or cupping of fingers or the hand required. The audience will swear they are hallucinating, and in a sense they honestly are, until the spoon is solid at the end and handed out for examination.

* PLUS: KENTON'S MOTIVATIONAL BENDING in which you may conduct your own workshop, motivational or team building experience based on Kenton's very own work in this area. Participants use spoons to try bending for themselves, actually find themselves able to bend silverware, while sinking in important subconscious success motivations and patterns. Many of you will see instantly what this is really worth to you. This is more than a legend maker - it's a money maker!

Not only that, but we also supply in PDF format TWO TYPES of BENDING CERTIFICATES that you sign and hand out to participants who attend the Motivational Bending Workshop.

All of this is more than your usual trick spoon bending videos. You get the real in-depth psychology, linguistics, motivation and more from one of the early pioneers in metal bending, Kenton Knepper.


You will learn to bend more than spoons too. It isn't always sensible to walk around with spoons and forks to do metal bending. It can often be more natural to use common items such as keys or coins. Kenton will teach you how to do realistic metal bending with these too, in ways no one else can:

* Kenton's Key Destruction: An original effect that proves you have powers unlike most people, including most fake metal benders.

* Kenton's Open Key Bend: A single key is shown openly and held between a thumb and first finger only. NO movement. NO distraction. NO switches. While all eyes are on the key, it slowly bends and bends. A surprise happens at the very end, where even the key fob or handle is bent! The same key, now bent, is handed out for examination. You need NO extra devices. NO sleight of hand.

* Two Signed Key Bend: Two ordinary keys are signed by two participants. Nothing else is used. The participant who is most skeptical has their key bent without suspicious movement, hurried action, the usual misdirection, or other devices. This is direct and impressive, with no set-up, nothing needed other than two keys and two people. There is a reason Kenton's work looks like the real thing. The psychology here is simple, and changes everything.

* Kenton's Original Key Bend: Two keys (and only two keys) are used, one aluminum, one brass. Each key is set on a table, one at a time, to see which key rests flat on the table. When one key is found to be just a tiny bit bent, and not completely flat, the other key is used for the bend. The key which has been clearly seen as the most perfect key is the one that is then bent. This key bends with all eyes on it at all times, with no misdirection, no switching of this key, no extra devices, no sleight of hand, no nothing.

* Shaman Key: A presentation in which a participant imagines putting all the negative energy of an issue they have into a key in their hand...a psychological and symbolic ritual of healing.


* Bent Cent: Mere tricksters do coin bending where they hide the coin from view for a moment before the coin bends, or have to switch a coin, just to be able to bend it.

Bent Cent is in a class all by itself. No hiding the coin from view, no switching required, no moves. It's all out in the open and very visible.

This effect can even be repeated and the coin given out as a memorable keepsake.

* An Enchanted Evening book is also included as a PDF download, which contains the original discussion of Bent Cent, and creating a Metal Bending Party, in addition to the expanded work you get in this course on these topics.

THESE ARE ILLUSIONS, to be clear here, but it won't be easy for most people to think these bending methods anything short of real. Please read that again. People take Kenton's metal bending methods as the real thing. Be sure you are prepared to handle that and answer any questions people may have about your powers.

Fortunately, Kenton helps you handle these issues in his lesson on Motivational Bending, also found in this incredible course.

These lessons alone, when they are available, sell for $200.00, and of course they are worth much more than that. However, if you sincerely want to do realistic metal bending, this more complete Course gives you all the goodies for only $124.99

If you would like to see more demo videos and details of what you will learn in this course, search our website for "Completely Twisted", "Bending 2: Motivational Bending", "Kenton's Keys" and "Bent Cent".


Learn from one of the original Masters of metal bending how to do metal bending illusions that look like the real thing, in real life situstions, not mere trickery and fast sleight of hand that look good only on video.

Get over 40 years of practical experience made direct and easy for you in this very special Metal Bending Secrets course. Learn from Kenton Knepper himself the very secrets that have made him a popular mentalist with audiences for decades.

Now you can learn what others simply cannot learn, or teach to you. Kenton's reserved secrets will be revealed in this amazing course.

No demonstration videos can really do these effects and methods justice. Perform them and you will see for yourself how incredible the reactions and effects are in real life.



Courses release files in segments so you don't get overwhelmed or lost. Your first month begins the course, and the second month gives you the rest of the related material, so you can easily absorb and practice these ideas.



  1. Bending 1: Completely Twisted

    2 Videos
  2. Bending 2: Motivational Bending

    1 Video
  3. Kenton's Keys

    10 Videos
    1 Download
  4. Bent Cent

    3 Videos
    1 Download
  5. An Enchanted Evening

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