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Instant Meaning Course

  • If only someone could tell you how to make your own magic and mentalism into MEANING.

Do you need more tricks? Probably not. 

Today, everyone is talking about MEANING and how to make any magic and mentalism they do meaningful.

But it is heartless to say, "Here's how you can make people cry!"

What do you really need?

You need to know how to really touch people, how to make meaning for real. That's what shows famous for meaning do.

Meaning is far more than merely creating tricks that get reactions. Moving people deeply comes only when you really understand meaning.

Kenton has been teaching his students his secrets to meaning for decades, and now you can learn them too.

Leave it to Kenton to teach you how to make anything meaningful. It's one thing to tell you to "make your tricks have meaning" but it is quite another to tell you how to make anything you do have meaning, and have what you do be meaningful easily.

Kenton gives you tricks, examples, and what only Kenton can teach - his secret principles to make anything meaningful, quickly and easily.

You do NOT have to tell stories.

You do NOT have to do "bizarre" magic.

You do NOT have to make people cry or be hurt.

You can move people deeply and memorably by changing a few words, or applying one or two simple principles.

It's EASY when you know the real secrets. Only Kenton can teach those secrets.

What if we told you that, as long as you were willing to read just a little, you could quickly make what you do meaningful, create your own act, come up with your own presentations, and deeply connect with people, using the simple principles and systems in these works?

Well, YOU CAN.

This is complete collection and course, that usually costs thousands of dollars in person and hundreds of dollars in downloadable books. 

Right now, to boost people who are ready to do meaningful magic and mentalism we have created package, and have made the package even more reasonable by adding a limited time discount.


1) Everyone keeps asking Kenton for help in this areas, and he has already written out the answers. People simply don't know where to get these answers. We want to make it easy for all of you to get access to this insider information right away.

2) Kenton has long wanted mentalism and magic to be more than mere tricks. These systems and principles do exactly that, no matter what you sort of mentalism or magic you do.

3) People have suddenly discovered what Kenton has been teaching for many years - the importance and power of meaning. Most people tell you to "make meaning". Kenton shows you HOW to do it, and do it easily.


That's why in this full course you now get:

* Mystery by Association

* Genuine Amazement


* It's Suggestion

* Lasting Effects

* Anti-tada streaming video talk

Look into these works on our website for details. I won't tell you more here, because if you know its time to make your mentalism or magic meaningful, unique, original, important, rapport-building, and connecting deeply with your audience, large or small, then you know it's time to get this collection while it is offered at this great price.

If you are ready to make your magic and mentalism all it should be, then you know this is a price willingly paid. I won't need to make you see it.

This is a Course in the sense that you will get all of the materials needed to teach yourself easily to do all that you want to do. It is an Instant Course in that you won't have to wait to get all of these lesson materials over time. You get all of the ebooks instantly, as well as the streaming video, so you can pick and choose what you want to do, when, at your own pace.

OK. That's enough. Kenton has put everything you need right here. You can change your magic and mentalism, right now.

Are you ready to become more meaningful with your mentalism and magic? Then you really have no other good choice. You can spend a lot more money on tricks and people telling you to "be meaningful" or you can learn the truth about HOW to make everything you do meaningful, right here.

Get it ALL and with this special introductory price right now while it lasts. It will NOT remain, so get this wile you can.




  1. Anti-tada Talk Magic and Meaning Las Vegas


  1. Genuine Amazement Book (11.34 MB)

  2. Anti-tada Book (29.51 MB)

  3. It's Suggestion (74.55 MB)

  4. Mystery By Association Book (5.39 MB)

  5. Lasting Effects Performance Scripts and Examples of Meaning (1.43 MB)

Media Type Digital Lesson

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