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Kenton's Canes (Kenton's Kanes)

  • Kenton's Kane is a realistic floating, dancing, magnetic staff using a simple staff or materials you have at home.
  • Kenton's secret work on the Magnetic Cane too, which was a feature in the act of many mentalists.
  • Use your own staff, sword or cane, or do an impromptu version by borrowing a cane from an audience member.
  • Honestly claim that you use your own natural energy to accomplish these feats, not threads or the sort of thing magicians and fakers use.
  • Get instant video access to material in the teach-in, and extra bonus material not taught in the live workshops.
  • Even Norm and Lupe Nielsen didn't know how it worked until Kenton tipped it to them. It would have cost a lot more if we would have figured out a way to manufacture canes through them, but fortunately for you, you get the secrets at a much lower price this way!


We are pleased to announce a rare online training with Kenton Knepper on his Cane.

Originally having mental influence over inanimate objects, was an important part of mentalism.

Many name mentalists would demonstrate their uncanny powers using a cane from an audience member, or by wielding a powerful staff as proof of their mental authority.

Today, martial arts is a mix of physical, mental and inner, focused energy, which allows one to have control over body, mind, and objects.

Kenton's Kanes have long been a part of his demonstration of command, authority, and proof of mental powers.

Symbolically, someone who has power over a staff is considered a person who is potent and powerfully commanding on their inner energy and mental direction.

Kenton's original methods have fooled some of the greatest names in mentalism and magic. Now Kenton reveals all you need to know about his secret methods. 

You can honestly claim to use your own natural energy as the method to these effects. Of course, there are performance secrets, but they involve none of the usual methods magicians use--and you can prove it!

Unlike other cane methods, you can perform this in full light, right out in the middle of nowhere, in the full light of day. 

The video shows a foggy stage seen, but don't be fooled by the stage setting. There is no need at all for distraction, special lighting, fog or anything else to hide the secret workings. You can do this in the middle of a grassy field if you wish.

This very full lesson comes with over a dozen quick videos so you can learn everything you want, quickly and easily.

This special lesson set includes a PDF book with additional details and insights too.

You will get all of Kenton's Kanes, as well as Kenton on Magnetic Attraction/Magnetic Canes too.

Kenton's methods are direct and elegant. None of the usual hookups or issues. Kenton spent decades honing this into true art. You will be thrilled by the ingenious and incredibly well thought out movements and routines Kenton has devised. The methods are pure Kenton, and we know you will be thrilled with their simplicity.

NO CANE SUPPLIED. This special low price does not include a cane, and frankly you don't need to pay for one. When you get the video training you'll see why you don't need a special cane. You can use an Appearing Pole or Staff you have around, or use a common tube with a bit of simple adjustment. What Kenton uses is easy to obtain as you will see in the video training.


NOTE: While Kenton does teach about a special something on the Magnetic Cane video explanation, he does not mean to imply that you must use that. It is a secret option to have when needed. Some people have thought Kenton meant this secret something was always required. It is not. It is a helpful option to have, especially while you learn to do the Magnetic Cane portion.



  1. Kenton's Cane #1 Performance

  2. Kenton's Kane #2 Performance Video

  3. Kenton's Kane #3 Performance Video

  4. Kenton's Kane Explained Video 1

  5. Kenton's Kane Explained Video 2

  6. Kenton's Kane Explained Video 3

  7. Kenton's Kane Explained Video 4

  8. Kenton's Kane Explained Video 5

  9. Kenton's Kane Explained Video 6

  10. Kenton's Kane Explained Video 7

  11. Kenton's Kane Explained Video 8

  12. Kenton's Magnetic Cane Performance Demo 1

  13. Kenton's Magnetic Cane Explained

  14. Kenton's Magnetic Cane Credits


  1. Kenton's Kanes Book (2.54 MB)

Tags Mentalism, Magic
Media Type Digital Lesson

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Customer Reviews

  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    Great stuff

    5 Stars

    Beautiful twist on a classic, imaginatively and beautifully realized. Great stuff!

    - Nick Lewin

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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    I highly recommend it.

    5 Stars

    This is a brilliant piece of magic theater and movement magic… I highly recommend it to all students of our art.

    - Jeff McBride

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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    I Love This!

    5 Stars

    I love this... amaaaaazing!

    - Roger Crosthwaite

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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
    5 Stars

    Most dancing canes are obvious, yours is actually magical, like something you’d see in a remote monastery in Tibet.

    - RedGrave (Clifford Ball)

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