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Kenton's Sphere

  • It's not a trick for sale. It is a legendary piece, featured in the act of a legendary mentalist and real life wizard, and you can learn it only in person with him.
  • Kenton will train a very few sincere people his Sphere effect and methods in personal live training sessions, one on one.
  • You must order this and then book a date that works for you and Kenton. Training will be in person in the Phoenix, Arizona, USA area.
  • Kenton's Sphere can be performed in full light, with audiences very near, even outside, as shown in the photo.
  • Any questions? Just drop Kenton a message on Facebook, or email him at, and put SPHERE in the subject heading

THE SPHERE is one of the best skills I have learned! Kenton is a master.. you will learn GREAT magic from him! - Jeff McBride

A feature in Kenton's act for a long time now finally taught by the Master to a very few select people. 

This is not for everyone. Kenton is handing his legendary piece off to a select few. 

This routine can be done in full light. No invisible thread to break. Completely one man. No setup time required. Show up and walk on performing the routine. It's the practicality of a Zombie Ball without a cloth or wire. 

Kenton often walks right into the audience during the middle of the routine, or anytime, to show how impossible his version really is.

Kenton took a lifetime of stage experience and decades of work on the floating ball idea to come up with this practical and impressive looking solution. 

It has floored audiences, mentalists and magicians alike. No one has guessed the real work, though many have tried. 

The secret can only be taught by Kenton to someone one-on-one. Kenton himself must pass along the information directly. It is the only way to learn his methods.

You will spend two days and a night learning hands on with Kenton.

This is rare access to soak up Kenton's atmosphere in his home, learn one of Kenton's great secrets of beautiful symbolic magic, and have personal training alone with the Master.

Kenton's Sphere is a treasured piece created from a lifetime of practical performing experience. 

See the reviews from previous attendees at the bottom of this page.

You must reserve your seat for the training by clicking on the order button here. You will be responsible for your own travel, hotel, and meals.  Email us at to coordinate days that will work for you and Kenton.

This is a rare opportunity to learn directly from Kenton his legendary secrets and handling. The real work is direct, practical, sure fire. The effect can be performed in living rooms, on stage, banquet rooms, even on the street, with no special lighting. No set-up time. Walk on and perform it. Kenton sometimes walks right into the audience and continues to float the sphere surrounded. 

Tested by a decades of real performing experience and created with a lifetime of experience, Kenton's Sphere is as close to real magic as you can get. 

Just ask Jeff McBride what he thinks of it.

But you must register by clicking the order button here to reserve your chance to learn it.

Performance rights are included with this training. 

You will be supplied with a proper Sphere, as well as two days of personal training with Kenton Knepper.

Email kenton at for more information about this training ONLY. Be certain to put SPHERE in the subject heading of your email.We will be happy to answer questions and give you more details before you reserve your personal training days with Kenton Knepper.

Spend time with a living legend and real life wizard, in his own magical space, with one of the most amazing and beautiful effects you will ever see. Just ask Jeff McBride what he thinks about it!

A brilliant magic routine works like a magic charm… It fools magicians who think they know more primitive methods. This is super advanced material! Yet it is relatively easy to perform…I've added it to my repertoire - Jeff McBride


  1. Kenton's Sphere Retrospective

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Customer Reviews

  • 2 of 2 people found the following review helpful

    I felt like I experienced magic again for real, just like I was 12. What an experience!

    5 Stars

    Words simply cannot express how much this meant to me. Anyone that missed out on this, go ahead and kick your selves now. I believe in magic once again! - Jim Ward

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  • 2 of 2 people found the following review helpful

    An honor. I came away with lasting gifts.

    5 Stars

    I was fortunate to spend one on one time with Kenton for the Sphere workshop. Not only is Kenton a living Wizard in performance, he is a genuine Wizard in life. His thinking, development and technique in his performance creates genuine magic. Even working through the mechanics shows his magical thinking. This weekend was a pleasure and the time with Kenton was an honor. I came away with lasting gifts.

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