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 Millard Grubb interviews Kenton on all sorts of issues, and you get the full story. Kenton, as usual, holds nothing back and is extremely open about how he views performing, magic and mentalism, and what he feels matters most. If you could attend a real lecture and have Kenton talk for an hour as he so passionately does, it would be a rare treat. It isn't easy to catch Kenton doing lectures. Now you can spend an hour with Kenton thanks to this rare MP3 audio program and get his real time reactions to comments and questions as they were recorded live. This interview is a part of an audio set that sells for over one-hundred dollars. You get the interview of Kenton as part of this amazing "lecture download" package.

Want more. Oh, we're just getting started. You will also get:


Long out of print, we are allowing this important and oft-referenced work to be downloaded at a minimum price so nearly everyone can afford it.

Over a decade ago it changed countless performers and became the impetus for untold numbers of books by others...

Kenton's "Rants Into Raves" (One) is a booklet of essays that forever challenged and changed the way we think about mentalism, magic, our "acts", celebrity and just about everything else.

There are few words befitting such a work. To say these are "essays" is to do grave injustice.

Suffice it to say that a performer recently doing magic and mentalism at the Sundance Film Festival cited this work as a major influence in his work at that important event.

The writing is in simple language, but written like an actor marking a script with underlines, bold words, exclamations and more as if Kenton is speaking to you directly.

Topics and Information in this classic work include:

* "The Act"

* Reciprocity

* Affect and Effect (It started in this work first, friends)

* Why We Buy or Believe

* Celebrity Status

* Associations and Expectations

* The ART of Magic and Mentalism?

* Sharing and Relationship With Your Audience

* The Big Secret

* Much More

This work will blow your mind, challenge your assumptions and change what you do as a performer forever.

Many names in magic have used this work as a starting point for their own essays and books. This work is constantly referenced to with and without credit by performers and authors everywhere, for over a decade.

Kenton wanted to rewrite this one day but many protested that it ought to be left in the very form that inspired them originally. Kenton conceded at last, and allowed us to offer this as a remarkable and easily affordable down-loadable instruction.

Get inspired! Change how you view what you do and why FOR GOOD.

Still want more? OK...You'll also get:


The prodding, introspective, illuminating and performance changing series continues with this second volume. In this volume you will read about such topics as:

* It's ALL Michael Ammar's!

* I Take That Serious

* Gross Misunderstanding

* Jimmy's Gotta Close-Up Pad and He Don't Care

* Jump On The Bandwagon and Be A Mentalist

* Image - What Image?

* Secrets of Art, Performance and Success

* Words, Mentality and Their Power in Magic

AND MORE - including the first poke towards Knowing for which Kenton and his School are famous.

Frankly, we were blown away looking now at all that is in this one!


A few recent commentaries Students and fans have found as enlightening as controversial. You may have read one of these if you are on our private email list. Many have used these two commentaries to discuss mentalism and magic in their own lectures.

Let's get really ridiculous here. At the last minute we decided we couldn't offer a lecture set without these very special set of lecture material:


If you don't already know about these, you should. They are a classic and started many debates and subversive covert suggestion ploys, even in close-up performances.

Kenton's "Live In Lecture" notes are from a series of small, rare lectures. But these notes are not like anything else out there.

The notes are constructed in a special way to lead you through your own personal journey, discover new ways of thinking, challenge your assumptions, and yes, learn a few unusual effects along the way.

Many modern performers will tell you that this controversial set of "notes" changed how they viewed their performances and often life itself. It is a very personal set of notes by Kenton that will tell you much about Kenton, but, as the book says "This is a book about YOU..."

Here is some of what is in this carefully arranged book:

Part of what you will discover in this work is:

* The Fool's Journey

* Reading is Fun-Duh-Mental

* Sweet Nothings and A Reading

* Body, Mind and... A Formula

* On Acting and Character

* Of Constitution

* Finger Playing?

* The Karma of Patter

* The Magician Not Afraid Of Magic

* Just Plain "ART"

* Spontaneous Magic In Two Easy Steps (Milton and The Mysteries)

* Seeding Ideas

* Multiple Metaphors

* Everything Has Its PLACE

* Underhanded Ace Cutting

* Sleightly Touched

* The Love Force

* And much more revealed along the way, as you traverse this journey with Kenton as your guide.

Read the original work here that has been expanded and expounded upon by so many other authors later.


Kenton would occasionally put people into trance states while doing sponge balls in this lecture. How did he do it? The answers are here in these very special lecture "notes"!

Over 35 pages of intense revelations, thought-provoking concepts, symbolism, multiple meanings, metaphor - and that's just in the way the lecture notes are designed and written! You may barely be aware of what you are learning as you read, yet we know these deeper notions will pop up when you need them - even if you are not thinking about these consciously. How do we know that? It happens to us all the time, and we see it in talks and books by others who only realize after the fact that these unusual set of notes inspired them without conscious awareness.

These notes alone originally sold for $40 and up. They have long been out of print. Hard copies with hand-colored covers signed by Kenton have been sold as collector items. Now you can get the inside work at a fraction of that cost. Some portions of these notes may be found in other Kenton trance books, for those who wish to study more in-depth about these sorts of things.

"Sleightly Touched" described in this book also may be seen on the "Blank!" DVD - look into our DVD section for this DVD.

You will find an expansion of the trance work from "Live in Lecture" in the book "Trance This!" as well (see product below or look in our literature section).

Really, that's enough!

As a bonus though, we are adding in one other fun bit to make this download "lecture" complete. You get this as a bonus too:


Here is a unique sampling of Kenton effects. This set has been sold without permission by others under the heading of "Derren Brown Secrets" "The 7 Greatest Mentalism Effects Ever" and other hyperbolic sales titles.

Such illegal sales have long ago been stopped, and the only way to get this collection is through us. It is included here as the "effects portion" of Kenton's download lecture. A few of these could be sold alone for as much as this lecture and we do sell some of these all on their own. You get these as a special bonus when you order the Lecture Download Package here.

This set includes:

* Tarot: A Peering Behind (From Enchanted Evening)

* The Channel

* We Are Stardust

* Readings: A Cut Above

* The Secret Committee Prediction

* More

We have priced this entire collection as if they are a set of "lecture notes" obtained at a lecture, though Kenton never does "lecture notes." He's always a bit more in-depth than that.

Kenton so rarely lectures that we thought we'd create a lecture of sorts in download a price that nearly anyone could manage.

This material will give you much to think about - be warned. It isn't all fluff. There are powerful concepts here. Ponder them well.

You will laugh, think, become emotional, and nod knowingly as Kenton instructs you through this very special package.

NOTE: THE AUDIO DOWNLOAD IS LARGE because it is an hour interview. BE PATIENT. Download things one at a time. Begin with the PDF books. Then you can begin to read through those while you wait for the audio interview to download.

Some of these files are ZIP files to speed downloading. DON'T KNOW WHAT A ZIP FILE IS OR NEED HELP DOWNLOADING? See our "How To Download Pages" - There is a link to that to the left of nearly every page on our website!

If you were able to attend rare lectures by Kenton over the last decade you know why you want this special collection.

If you are like most people, you have not had the chance to see Kenton lecture live, or attend a workshop. This is like being there at several lectures along the way, at a price that's impossible to beat. Because we believe in what Kenton has to say. We think you too will be inspired. Even the price you should find encouraging...

Rants Into Raves also applies to everyday life. Everyone finds what they need in it. Here is one example from a leader in success and spiritual teachings. (Rants isn't spiritual in nature, but it applies to EVERYONE.)

Dear Mr. Knepper,

I am a spiritual teacher and found your "Rants into Raves 1" book the single most valuable thing in the section of my library I refer to as "persuading people in a spiritually correct way" as opposed to the section of my library I refer to as "manipulation". In case you're wondering, my library is VAST...right now it stands about about 630,000 titles.

Since then I purchased this lecture notes collection and "Tools of Enchantment". Last night I was reading "Rants 2" since I loved "Rants 1" so much. I found a single paragraph in "Rants 2" that is worth the entire $50 I spent on those 2 purchases.

"So what does it take to honestly be a mentalist (in my case, strike the word "mentalist" and replace it with "spiritual teacher") ? It takes a love for the improbable yet hope for its possibility. It takes a desire to feed an audience their secret dreams. It takes heart, not just the intellectualization of life."

My goodness, 3 incredible concepts in a short and concise paragraph...

You're brilliant sir. I shall be focussing on bringing to my talks the subtle ways to show that every person's secret dreams are possible, and the way in which they can acquire them (I shall subtly "feed" them their own secret dreams) ...and I'll do so "with heart" (with feeling/emotion as discussed in "Rants 1") and with Passion (like Leo Buscaglia did in discussing "love concepts" and like you describe in "Rants 2") and not by "beating them over the heads with concepts" as you discussed in "Rants 1".

Bless You Sir,

- Jeffrey Ferris,


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