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Magic and Meaning 2019 Set

  • 40 files
  • Videos and PDFs
  • Includes Material Not Seen Anywhere Else

Pablo Amirá says "Amazing content in this release from Kenton Knepper. Just the first idea that I saw was worth the price alone."

Big names in magic were floored with Kenton's demonstrations of magic effects at Magic and Meaning 2019 in Las Vegas.

These effects are rarely seen, or have never been put on video before.

Now with 40 files of both text and video, you'll learn everything from rare Kenton close-up principles, highly commercial routines, and quick effects that truly impress.

For the first time ever you will also see Edward Underwood's "Suicide Coins" effects that deal with life, death, depression, and suicide. Don't worry, it has a positive, and important, message. Make up your own large wood or cardboard disks and do this right away.

Learn Kenton's Krazy Card, and Khameleon Deck. See demonstrated and explained Kenton's Sorcerer's String. See Kenton's Altoid box secret and incredible effect "This Never Happened" and his legendary spongeball routine too.

See videos, and get the complete story in PDF books, now out of print and hard to get.

Includes a special video interview of Kenton by his student Pablo Amira.



  1. Kenton Suggestion Tear

  2. This Never Happened

  3. This Never Happened Explained

  4. Khameleon Deck

  5. Khameleon Deck Explained

  6. Krazy Card Demo

  7. Krazy Card Explained

  8. Sorcerer String Effect and Explanation

  9. Suicide Coins

  10. UDC Part 1 Explained

  11. UDC Additional Notes

  12. Subliminally Wild Effect Video

  13. Subliminally Wild Explained

  14. Kenton Spongeball Routine Casual

  15. Kenton Spongeballs Explained

  16. Ring Thing Grant

  17. Ring Thing Pete

  18. Automatic Imp and Sucker Spirit

  19. Balcony Blues Effect

  20. Balcony Blues Explained

  21. JJ and Kenton Salt Vanish (No trick shaker)

  22. Live Mentalism Conversation Video with Pablo Amira and Kenton Knepper


  1. Sorcerers Series (844 KB)

  2. LET (175 KB)

  3. Influence Counts (50.63 MB)

  4. lilbook (2.21 MB)

  5. KentonVanishmagazine (1.97 MB)

  6. symbolband (2.14 MB)

  7. symbolbandart (1.47 MB)

  8. symbolband1 (85 KB)

  9. symbolband2 (115 KB)

  10. symbolband3 (163 KB)

  11. symbolband4 (186 KB)

  12. symbolband5 (123 KB)

  13. symbolband6 (112 KB)

  14. symbolband7a (217 KB)

  15. symbolband7b (212 KB)

  16. symbolband8 (198 KB)

  17. symbolband9 (166 KB)

  18. symbolband9b (169 KB)

  19. symbolband10 (413 KB)

Tags drink, Magic, liguid, disappear, suggestion, vanish, psychology, shotglass, video, lessons, glass, vol, coin, production
Media Type Digital Lesson

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