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MR9 Plus THE WORKS -Download PDFs

Kenton insisted we do this, as he feels these materials really all belong together. We're a little more than surprised he would ask us to do this at this price, so obviously he is very passionate about Mind Reading students having this material.

In this very special package you get

* Mind Reading Lesson # 9

Please see details on our website for more on this spectacular issue...Usually $25 on its own and worth twice that.

* Cards of Influence

Don't let the title fool you. This work by Kenton and Mark Townsend is packed with mentalism. This book began what evolved into "Ennematics", has Mind Reading ploys galore, and includes the original "X- Change of Mind" found in Lesson 9. While there is some material for the pure card performer, this work is heavy on seeming subliminal influence, cards as readings tools, and mentalism. The "Amethyst Crystal" is a must read for any mentalist, whether you use this with cards or not.

* Mystery By Association

Mind Reading Lesson 9 alludes to Kenton's use of the principle of Association, and how vital it is for mentalists to consider. You will find elements of this principle throughout the Mind Reading Lessons, but a true understanding of this amazing and seldom discussed secret required its own book to teach properly. No performer, especially no mentalist, should be without this book.

Actively engage spectators and turn them into true participants with this principle. Once you fully grasp this principle you will see how it must be applied to nearly all you do. It is the primary principle of influence and suggestion yet it is seldom taught. This work includes effects true enough, yet Kenton's insistence that mentalists should have this work is due to the importance of applying this principle to mental performances of all kinds.

You will find examples of the Association principle throughout Mind Reading Lesson 9, and reading this book will help you understand how some of the "daring" things Kenton appears to do is entirely scientific, sensible and completely reliable.

Not to mention the system in this book will help you routine your act, create a natural flow from effect to effect, and much more. Once you understand this principle, how you apply it to mentalism, influence and perception is virtually endless.

Here's where we Know Kenton went a little crazy in insisting you ought to have these works. MR #9 is $25 Cards of Influence as a download is $25 Mystery By Association as a download is $30 But when you buy them all together the price is only $62 - like getting the new Lesson for FREE.

Mystery By Association in hard copy sells for $45 ALONE. You get ALL THREE works for $62 and get them instantly as downloads now too.

To get in on this very special deal based upon Kenton's recommendation and insistence, order below.

This is truly THE WORKS and the work.

From Jheff's Marketplace of the Mind:

**** MIND READING LESSONS #9 What, did you think I'd let a month go by without news of this extraordinary series? That, of course, was a rhetorical question. For only (now) $25 a lesson, which is probably cheaper than you'd have to pay for the whole textbook if you were taking this as a college course, this is still one of the best bargains out there. Once again, I remind you that this indeed a course. You must start with Lesson #1. Skipping the lesson is like trying to take Algebra 2 without Algebra 1.

I can say that Kenton's acclaimed CARDS OF INFLUENCE is part of this. Also, there's a really cool package deal involving both CARDS OF INFLUENCE and MYSTERY BY ASSOCIATION, which are now available in e-book format. For $62, you can get MIND READING LESSONS #9 plus those two aforementioned e-books. The sale is limited...


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