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S.A.R. PLUS Toolbox 1.0 Package - Download


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The system that revolutionized psychological readings and all reading systems is back and now better than ever with the new Toolbox 1.0

S.A.R. is a classic tool, famous around the world for its impact on clients and usefulness to therapists. S.A.R. has another side has been used successfully by performers as a way to do readings that appear entirely realistic, logical and psychological. It has also started many performers on an entirely new side business.

Please read more about S.A.R. itself elsewhere on our website. In this very special package you will get the legitimate, original S.A.R. Training and S.A.R. Certification, just as you do with any of the original S.A.R. Training Manuals. You will also get the new S.A.R. Toolbox in this package as well as your S.A.R. Training.

First, you decide you want to learn S.A.R. and be Certified.

Then... get ready to boost your S.A.R. into a successful business. Once you have learned S.A.R., it's time to get your S.A.R. business really kicking!

Richard Tenace who created the S.A.R. Toolbox for us has made a living using S.A.R. He could make S.A.R. his full time job, but he still likes to perform. In the S.A.R. Toolbox Mr. Tenace gives you business tools, how to easily promote S.A.R., how to get new clients, and all the details he has used to make S.A.R. a profitable and reliable source of income.

You also get the complete lecture Mr. Tenace gives at society clubs on S.A.R. which promotes his business, while also giving him instant credibility. You are free to use this lecture as your very own, and give this talk to groups everywhere.

PLUS: The lecture pitches a Back Of The Room book on S.A.R. and symbolism. Many people hearing the talk will want to purchase this book. As a bonus, you also get the book with full rights to reprint and sell this after your own talks and at your S.A.R. sessions.

If you want to make S.A.R. into a real business and make money by doing S.A.R., the S.A.R. Toolbox will give you just what you need to make that happen!

To quote but one Technician, "The RULE OF FOUR in the S.A.R. Toolbox is worth ten times the price of the Toolbox to me. Honestly, it may well turn out to be worth hundreds of times the cost of the Toolbox and S.A.R. combined!"

Read more about the Toolbox elsewhere on this website for additional information.

This package is a combined PACKAGE OF THE ORIGINAL S.A.R. TRAINING SYSTEM, S.A.R. CERTIFICATION AND THE NEW S.A.R. TOOLBOX at a very special price when purchased together.

NOTE: If you already own the S.A.R. manual, you can purchase this S.A.R. Toolbox separately instead on our website. This package puts the S.A.R. System and the Toolbox together at the special price shown on this page.


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