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The Powerhouse Trilogy

  • When combined, these 3 works create a new way of performance
  • With 3 Bonus Videos showing these methods and ideas at work
  • Often considered among Kenton's most important contributions to mentalism and magic

The Powerhouse Trilogy is a collection of 3 works by Kenton Knepper that were meant to work together. When combined, these books and videos radically transform your performance work.

Whether you are a mentalist, magician, do tricks for friends, are a pro on the largest of stages, this powerhouse trilogy will radically change what you do, and how.

You can  get these separately on our website, but you get a far better deal when you get the all together here, as Kenton intended.

If you don't know about these powerful works by Kenton, ask Jeff McBride what he thinks of these books, or just look at a few of the many endorsements we received below.

Now with 3 Bonus Videos. That's right - THREE videos. 3 PDF books. 3 Videos. 1 Special Package Price.

(If you want more information about each individual work, just click on the book title below to go to that page on our website.)


What will you be able to do?

Use real suggestion to influence audiences.

Do tricks that use real suggestion as the main method.

Create meaning without preaching, making direct claims, or telling long stories.

Create lasting impact on audiences and leave them feeling like they experienced real magic and mentalism, not mere trickery.

The 3 books in this powerhouse trilogy are the ones below:


It's Suggestion

Everything you are, wear, do, and even stand or sit, is a suggestion. You need to know how to make all the suggestions work for you in performance, rather than against you.

"... may be far more important to the mystery worker than WONDER WORDS. Highly Recommended for all mentalists."  - Jheff, Marketplaceofthemind, MOTM


Genuine Amazement

Make your tricks and performances powerful and memorable without great effort or stories. How to use allusion and emotional deduction, not merely illusion. Cause people to feel profoundly connected to you without consciously knowing why. Use indirect meaning as your secret disclaimer, and so much more.

"Genuine Amazement is pure genius! This is one that I will be coming back to time and time again [and it's just the beginning]! I am only on page 39!"
— Sean P. Kearney



This revolutionary work will change forever what you think of magic, mentalism, and those "ta-da" moments in shows.

Get people to say, "That means so much to me" and "That was wonderful" rather than "How did you do that?"

"Within the introduction there is a wealth of information but as Kenton so rightly points out many will skip this looking for effects. To do this would be foolish.

The effects in the book (all amazing I might add) are not what I found so wonderful about this piece of literature. Have you ever seen something so beautiful on earth that it made you stop dead in your tracks? That is an 'Anti-tada' moment, it's there, it's happening and yet it is so breathtaking. This is a different kind of WOW it lives with you forever. There are also many wonderful contributions inside the book! I feel privileged to have read the real values this book contains. I hope you too see the true values of what is blatantly staring you in the face."  - Peter Turner


If you have been looking for what will forever change your magic and mentalism, help you rise above the crowd, stand out as an important mentalist or magician, do things no one else can, make lasting connections with audiences, and change lives with your tricks, large or small, then this Powerhouse Trilogy is for you. It will do all of this, and much more.


Warning: (Seriously) This trilogy WILL alter how you do magic and mentalism forever. You will no longer be willing to be like everyone else. You will be on the cutting edge of performers, not one of followers of everyone else.


Now the 3 powerhouse PDF books come with 3 video talks and demonstrations filmed live in Las Vegas - all at a price you can't beat anywhere.


Each of these books can also be purchased separately on our website from $35 - $65 each. This collected system is specially priced to encourage sincerely interested people to better afford these important and transformative materials. In other words, we want you to learn these secrets! They will change magic and mentalism forever. If you only want a specific title, click on the title above to go to that book's page on our website.


  1. Genuine Amazement and Indirect Meaning Video

  2. It's Suggestion Video Talk by Kenton Knepper 2013, Las Vegas, McBride Magic and Meaning

  3. Anti-Tada Talk in Las Vegas 2012


  1. Anti-Tada (29.51 MB)

  2. Genuine Amazement (11.13 MB)

  3. It's Suggestion (74.23 MB)

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