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Character and Principles Package (PDF & Audio Downloads)


Over $150 worth of download lessons in one.

We are offering a package for those who want to be more enchanting, develop their character, work with exciting principles and add to what can be learned in Principles and Powers One and Two.

For the select few, here is a fantastic deal, all instantly available in download format!

* Live In Lecture

* An Enchanted Evening

* Rants Into Raves

* Mystery By Association

* Tools of Enchantment

* Secrets of Indirection

* Bonus Audio Interview

These lesson works would normally sell for between $120 - $150 when bought separately. Here they are all together for one amazing price, while it lasts.

I wanted to promote these teaching of principles and character development, more than mere tricks. This is why I am temporarily offering certain package deals with principles and character on my website. I believe the more you learn the principles and better tools, you will be able to incorporate these into every trick that you do. It has certainly been true for my famous Students.

Yes, there are plenty of effects and presentations taught here too.

An amazing deal for those ready to learn the better parts of mentalism and magic.


  1. liveinlecPDF.pdf (198 KB)

  2. (33.34 MB)

  3. rantsrav1PDF.pdf (123 KB)

  4. (55 KB)

  5. (5.32 MB)

  6. (504 KB)

  7. (7.43 MB)

  8. (1.98 MB)

Media Type Digital Lesson

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