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People care about only one thing: Themselves.

So if you want to create everlasting impressions, perform not just for them but also with them, and Zodiac Sign revelations are perfect for that.
Welcome to "Aeonian", a collection of Zodiac related routines.
These are not "guessing routines" or method with complicated and convoluted procedures, but direct moments of intimate mysterious revelations.
1. Handy Zodiac: Reveal anyone´s Zodiac Sign with a new propless method and routine (featured in Pablo's Penguin lecture) 
2. ImagiSign: Just pure imagination and mindreading. Another propless approach which takes a classic method and makes it credible and coherent.
3. Sign-less: Palm Reading meets Zodiac Sign Revelation. Propless, Conversational and highly effective.
4. Zodiac Wheel: A simple way to create a meaningful moment of synchronicity.
5. Zodiac Rhine: Just with 5 ESP cards you can know anyone´s Zodiac Sign.
Be open to new possibilities to create everlasting impressions, with Aeonian


  1. Aeonian by Pablo Amira (2.47 MB)

Media Type Digital Lesson