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Alternative Facts Pack

  • Live video lectures, mentalism effects, hypnotic card effects, meaningful tricks, powerful secrets, special wording and principles, that allow you to perform miracles using "alternative facts".

This package is so packed you'll have to look below to see everything that is in it.

This is a special package available for one week only, dedicated to presenting different realities and "alternative facts."

Just scroll down and look at the lessons and streaming videos you get in this package and see for yourself what a great deal this is.

It's HUGE. 

FOR MYSTERY PERFORMERS ONLY. Not useful or intended for the general public.


  1. Beyond Limits Video Lecture, Demonstration and Instructions

  2. I Have Been Influenced Explained

  3. I Have Been Influenced Demo Video

  4. Kentonism Reality Deck

  5. Kentonism Dual Reality Deck Explained

  6. Color Changing Deck Hypnosis Part 1

  7. Color Changing Deck Hypnosis Effect Part 2

  8. Color Changing Deck Hypnosis Explained

  9. Color Changing Deck Hypnosis Additional Video Notes, Scripts and Psychology

  10. MTP: Relaxing Place Trance Effect Demo

  11. MTP: Relax and Chill Video 1

  12. MTP: Relax and Chill Video 2

  13. MTP: Chill Effect Casual Demo

  14. MTP: Relax and Chill Video 3

  15. MTP: Relax and Chill Video 4

  16. MTP: Relax and Chill Video 5

  17. Bent Cent Video 1: Performance

  18. Bent Cent Video 2: How To Make It

  19. Bent Cent Video 3: Presentation and Psychology

  20. Dunninger's Delight Demo Video

  21. Dunninger's Delight With Michael Finney

  22. Dunninger's Delight Real Inner Working

  23. Kentonism Deck Demo

  24. Kentonism Deck Explained

  25. Casual Demo of Symbolic Reading Methods

  26. Direct Impression Board Explanation

  27. Surefire Symbolic Mind Reading Explanations

  28. Personality Readings Video

  29. Insider Session 1: WATCH FIRST

  30. Insider Session 1: Part ONE

  31. Insider Session 1 : Part TWO

  32. Insider Session 1: Part THREE - Text Video Mind Sink

  33. Subliminally Wild Video

  34. Subliminally Wild Explained

  35. Sleightly Touched Effect

  36. Sleightly Touched Explained

  37. Mates For Life Effect

  38. Mates For Life Explained

  39. Music Was The Magic - Kenton Knepper mini-documentary

  40. Kenton's Sphere Demo Retrospective


  1. I Have Been Influenced PDF Book (11.48 MB)

  2. MTP: Relax and Chill Book (241 KB)

  3. Surefire Symbolic Reading Methods PDF Book (7.55 MB)

  4. Memory Mashup PDF Book (59.03 MB)

  5. Dunninger's Delight 2 Plus (13.44 MB)

  6. Insider Session 1: Immediate Readings and Reprogramming (621 KB)

  7. Personality Readings for the Performer (589 KB)

  8. Bent Cent Book (3.11 MB)

  9. Chiller (Zip FileP PDF (44.17 MB)

  10. Risk Assessment PDF (967 KB)

  11. Mental Influence with Cards Notes (144 KB)

  12. Cards of Influence PDF Book (Zip File) (6.51 MB)

  13. Tullock: Founding Father of Tradeshow Magic Book (10.02 MB)

Media Type Digital Lesson

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