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Anything in Tin

  • A standard small or large tin box may be used
  • Box is securely taped and shown all around
  • Can be completely examined
  • People are charging far more for tricks that do much less

This is Kenton's highly versatile and original masterpiece.

A standard metal tin is shown taped all around. There is no doubt that the tin box is securely sealed.

An object is borrowed and vanished by your favorite method. You can use a playing card, finger ring, set of keys, almost anything you can vanish that fits into the box.

The box is brought back out and handed to a participant to open. There is so much tape, the performer helps to speed things along, but the performer does this fairly, without loading anything in the process of undoing the tape.

Opening the box very fairly and slowly, the vanished item is found inside the severely taped up box!

The box may now be handed out for examination if desired. It is seen to be an ordinary box in every way.

Watch a long form version of the trick in real time above. You can of course simply borrow something, make it vanish right away with a sleight, then show the box and slowly open it.

VERY easy to do, and a real fooler for magicians too.

MENTALISTS: Kenton uses this for predictions!

BONUS: Get Kenton's "Little Book of Wonders" which has more routines you can do with this, plus other unusual and memorable effects.



  1. Anything in Tin This Never Happened Effect

  2. Anything in Tin This Never Happened Secrets


  1. Little Book of Wonders (2.07 MB)

Media Type Digital Lesson

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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Stars

    Excellent effect! Brilliant idea! Can be used for magic or mentalism or a mixture of both genres! Incredible value as well!

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