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Automatic Imp and Sucker Spirit

  • In both streaming online video and/or download file version, both for this one price.
  • Turn a simple prop into a real miracle for audiences.
  • Make the old Imp Bottle into a life-changing positive experience for someone special.
  • Do readings in a novel and mysterious way using inexpensive Imp Bottles.
  • Cause a sucker or Tootsie Pop to become a haunted piece of candy with a very active spirit!
  • No gimmicks to hide, no threads to worry about in Kenton's unique methods.

Kenton's Automatic Imp Plus

Three novel effects in one online and downloadable video.

Automatic Imp Part One

An Imp Bottle acts like nothing seen before! A small bottle is shown and said to grant wishes. The Genii in the bottle is awakened and the spectator's dream is energized. The bottle stands up, follows the performer's finger around, looks in the direction the performer points, wiggles back and forth as if laughing when a tickle motion is made in the air, and more.

After much byplay the spectator is shown that their dream cannot be kept down now that it is energized, and the bottle is given away as an important souvenir.

Kenton recently performed this for a 40th birthday celebration and gave the Imp Bottle as his sole present to the person turning 40. They later wrote:

"Kenton, your gift of that Genii Bottle was the highlight of my 40th birthday."

What more needs to be said?

Everyday Animated Object Part Two

The Automatic Imp works on other objects too! Demonstrated and taught on the video is how a Tootsie Pop can be made to rise, move, be "tickled", follow the finger, and even balance precariously on the edge of the performer's hand, before being handed out for examination.

This is a perfect weerd or spooky effect, great with Halloween candy. Do it at a party or before you hand out the candy to freak out Trick or Treaters!

Performed seriously, this is also a fine mentalism demonstration that has been known to make more than one person into a believer.

Imp Readings Part Three

Yes, you read that correctly. A mentalism and readings effect that is visual, commercial, convincing and has fooled every mentalist who has seen it performed.

Three Imp Bottles with different sigils are placed on a table. The mentalist turns his or her back and can even leave the room. One bottle is selected and energized in the spectator's hand. The spectator then places the bottle back so that it appears just as the others do, and the chosen one cannot be noticed.

The mentalist returns to pick up the bottles. All three remain standing. Then one by one the bottles that do not relate to the spectator's secret desire fall over due to a "lack of energy". The bottle that remains standing is indeed the one representing the spectator's secret issue!

The bottle that relates to the spectator's problem is then energized and given to the spectator as a souvenir if desired.

This is worth the price of admission for mentalists as the way Kenton has developed Knowing which issue is thought about is very devious and entirely unique.

You get all THREE parts in a single video. Never again will you consider the Imp Bottle a "lowly prop". Automatic Imp can also be performed with items besides an Imp Bottle. Once you learn the simple but diabolical basics, the principles can be applied in numerous ways.

Once you learn the methods, you will be able to put them to work for you right away.

This video is naturally for your own personal use and performance only.

We highly suggest you get in on this great instruction while you can. This is a favorite of Kenton's. You'll see why once you watch the complete video.

Revealed in full for the first BOTH downloadable video and streaming video too! YOU choose which way to watch, download or streaming, or both!



  1. Automatic Imp and Sucker Spirit


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Tags Mentalism, Magic
Media Type Digital Lesson

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