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  • A popular close-up or full stage effect by Kenton Knepper
  • Prove both real mentalism and synchronicity
  • Plays huge, packs ridiculously small
  • "Hands off" mentalism with many participants engaged in the effect
"This is an invaluable technique that EVERY working mentalist should know and master. Period. It elevates a simple trick into a mindblowing experience..."

— Jheff (Read the full review by Jheff at

Kenton's BACKLASH has been featured on television, radio, close-up, on the largest stages, in personal interviews, banquet halls, living rooms and nearly anywhere else you might perform.

Kenton says that BACKLASH is right up there with Kolossal Killer when he is asked to perform a stunner and does not want to have to work at all to completely impress important people. There are other reasons Kenton feels Backlash is equivalent to Killer, which you will see for yourself when you learn all the details of this memorable piece.

The reason for the popularity of Backlash with audiences is that Backlash seems to be a real event, not a mere trick. The performer appears to do nothing at all, and the audience is really in control of what happens.

While there are many variations and applications, the following is a basic presentation and effect.


A card is selected or written down by a spectator. No one else sees what the card is in this spectator's mind. Other audience members are selected at random by tossing a plush toy into the audience. Each completely random person's color, number, suit and so on indicates an aspect of the card the first spectator has in mind.

Ultimately the information given by random spectators in the audience reveal the hidden or thought of card of the first spectator.

For a kicker, the plush toy is found to contain a single paper inside upon which is written the card thought about - proof of real audience synchronicity!

No words will do this justice. BACKLASH is an experience. Audiences talk about this when all other tricks fade from mind, as this effect seems so fair and impossible. A random set of people and their thoughts determine a card another person has hidden in their pocket, or locked in their mind. How could that happen when no one in the audience is "in on it"?


BACKLASH contains principles that, when properly understood, may be applied to book tests, drawing duplications, ESP card revelations, colorful symbols, letters in a name, telephone and address numbers, and countless other options in mentalism.

The Main Points Are:

  • Random people, or random cuts of the deck by anyone, are used to determine a selected and hidden card.
  • The cutting and audience is entirely free and random. No stooges or trick decks.
  • The deck is shuffled before and during the effect anytime the audience wishes.
  • The performer takes a "hands off" approach and allows the audience themselves to cut cards, shuffle, choose or name cards all on their own without performer interference.

Part of the fascination with Backlash is the "I do nothing, you do it all" presentation. "This is completely in your hands..." or if no deck is used, "This is completely in your minds."

* After the impossible manner in which the hidden or thought of card is revealed, it turns out that one more kicker has been in the midst of the audience from the start!

Close-Up and Personal

Backlash can be performed for one person alone, or in a small group of two or three people.

Personalized readings can be woven into each part of the revelation.

While Backlash will take a little bit of mental practice, the practice is easy and playful - not at all difficult. By the time you finish reading this booklet you will be able to perform Backlash right away. Just a small bit of practice is needed beyond your ordinary skills.

BACKLASH 2011 features the full blown stage effect as performed by MARK TOWNSEND, and a readings version of Backlash by PABLO AMIRA.

You will also find all the inside work and details, as well as many presentations, from Kenton Knepper and Mark Townsend who have been stunning everyone for decades with Backlash.

Backlash is simple, devious, and yet unlike most anything audiences are used to experiencing. Only very basic and fundamental work is used. It is Kenton's unusual concept and principles that make Backlash entirely unique and memorable. Learn the principles and apply these to almost anything you do - and you will create a miracle that is entirely believable!

(Listen to a simple version of Backlash in Wonder Words Volume Two...This ebook takes the main idea from Wonder Words to new heights, revealing at last the full story that has made reputations for Backlash performers in countries around the globe.)

Available immediately in PDF format. A little over 30 pages in it won't take you long to become an expert in Backlash and all the ways to apply these principles.

If you want to make a memorable, important statement, and seem entirely realistic in the process, BACKLASH 2011 is for you.

"It's perfect. I can use it nearly directly to get across one of the magical ideas I had been trying to figure out how to jaw much real synchronicity..."
— Andy Paik
"I just checked this out, and it's BRILLIANT. But what's scary is that I was (quite literally) just thinking about whether one could take mentalist effects in a certain dramatic direction... and this effect provided a resounding YES. Talk about spooky!"
— Robert Parker
"Backlash is pure evil! The happy inside, giddy kind of evil. Thanks!"
— Ed Underwood
"It's phenomenal...I spent all night dreaming up routines because of it."
— Zach Dickie
"Just read Backlash 2011. Another work of pure Kenton genius! I will be starting to use this tomorrow as my head is swirling with possibilities..."
— Sean P Kearney
"This eBook doesn't really need a review. It IS just great. Not just the effects , but the PRINCIPLES BEHIND. The book test is really worth the price. This may sound weird , but behind this effect lives incredible principles that can change the perspective of a performance. A paradigm shift ?"
— Pablo Amira


  1. Backlash Book (378 KB)

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