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Kenton's Balcony Blues

  • Highly Commercial Routine
  • End clean
  • Learn it in minutes

This is an effect Kenton has used to surprise people and win them over for 40 years. It was originally to be in a close-up book written for Kenton by his teacher John Mendoza. Unfortunately, that first Kenton manuscript was lost in a fire at a printing company. 

Today, you can learn all the details easily on streaming video, right here.

No, it isn't "mentalism" but people will swear you have the quickest hands in the world, and high stealth ability when you do this routine.

Grab a few special cards common to any magic dealer, and add them to your deck. With Kenton's special routining, handling and original presentation, you will make people think you can reach into their pockets, purses or wallets at anytime.

You will really only learn how powerful this is by doing it.

Be sure to get the complete lesson here and learn the exact handling Kenton teaches, with all the nuances and details. It is important to learn how to do this right, with the proper approaches that Kenton teaches here.

Sure, card magicians can figure out some of it, but the important parts will only be understood when you get the complete video instructions from Kenton.

This is a big hit with real people. Find out why for yourself. We've made it easy for you to get and learn now with this introductory price.

(Cards not included. This is a download only.)

As a close up performer I can’t imagine me nor my students not using many of the tools Kenton has taught. My teacher - Eugene Burger - turned me on to Kenton and endorsed many of his tools that I use to this day, after 30 years in magic.     - Newell Unfried


  1. Balcony Blues Effect

  2. Balcony Blues Explained

Media Type Digital Lesson

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