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Believe Book Test

  • Use a small book you can carry with you in your pocket
  • Direct and fair, no process or sleights to make things mucky
  • Give the book away as a gift if you choose
  • A Kenton original with his latest handlings and devious method
  • DOWNLOAD lesson only, use your own book

Watch the video below. No, the participant was NOT in on it. This is how it plays for real - or better.

Direct and to the point so you can play up your presentation as much as you wish, without worrying about the method.

Historical Notes: Kenton developed this in the 1980s and he was going to put it into the Desert Brainstorm videos with the 6 1/2.  He was told indirectly that someone, perhaps David Hankey, had come up with a similar idea. Hearing this, Kenton then refused to put it on the videos, or ever publish it. After decades, people kept asking Kenton to reveal his method. Finally Kenton taught one of his variations in a lecture. He kept the real handling to himself until now. After much discussion and searching Kenton has learned that indeed Hankey and Kenton completely independently came up with the same very weird idea as a method. The method is so outside the box, neither performer ever thought someone else would have come up with it. They both did. In this version you will learn Kenton's idea and his very practical handling never revealed anywhere. Kenton's work and handling is very different from any other you have seen.



  1. Believe Little Book Test Effect

  2. Believe Little Book Test Explanation


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