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Best Student Package 1 (Downloads)

  • Over $150 worth of material
  • Material that is hard to get anywhere else


Recently some of Kenton's well-known friends and Students gathered to interview Kenton in the U.K. The interview was in-depth and full of interesting avenues of thought.

You may be able to watch the video at the bottom of this page for a short time.

Here's the important part:

Peter Turner and Luca Volpe, two of these finest Students, have created material with Kenton. IN THIS PACKAGE ONLY you can get some of these best combined works at an excellent discounted price.

Here are the works included in this fantastic deal:

* DEVIOUS REALITIES by Peter Turner was Peter Turner's first book for mentalists and magicians. It was written by Kenton and Peter. This is the book that launched Peter Turner into the awareness of mentalists everywhere. He is now one of the best mentalists in the world, and known to Kenton as "Sonny" as a part of the heir to the Kenton legacy. You want this first original work by Peter and instantly available as an eBook.

* PSYCHIC VISION by Luca Volpe and Kenton is a wild ride that is a mix of readings, psychology and predicting someone's future. It is very realistic and to be taken sincerely. The secrets herein emotionally touch people and help them focus on the positive results to come. If you want to appear to be just Mr. or Ms. Trick, stay away from this one. It makes it look as if you are really into the psychic world and able to do things psychological or psychic.

* EYE ATTEST by Kenton and Luca Volpe takes a well known idea, common to everyday people, and turns it into a powerful set of tools for readings, mental programming, positive mental attitude training, and Mind Reading. The possibilities and applications are endless, and many are included in the eBook and special artwork that goes with this system by Kenton and Luca.

* RISK ASSESSMENT by Kenton and his S.E.C.R.E.T. School has long been unavailable. While portions of this later made their way into the MIND READING LESSON SERIES, it is next to impossible to find copies of this original work by Kenton and his Students today. We don't even carry this eBook. The ONLY way you can get this original eBook is in this package right now. It's the first time in a long time this has been available in any format. Risk Assessment is filled with incredible effects and ideas by a wide variety of Kenton's Students, as well as Kenton himself. It is a peek into the S.E.C.R.E.T. School as few others have ever seen.

*Rare Kenton Sampler with material Kenton has put nowhere else.

* Additional Interview by Pablo Amira with Kenton Knepper

* AND MUCH MORE (see download and video list below).

Over $150 worth of material, when you can get it, for less than $50



To see why you need this sort of material, and to watch Kenton and the thought process of his Students, as well as sample other work by Kenton, watch the video below while it exists, before or after you order this rare, limited, package.



  1. Pablo Amira Interviews Kenton Knepper


  1. Devious Realities Peter (2.21 MB)

  2. 7 Deceptions Luke Jermay (618 KB)

  3. True Mysteries Fraser Parker (338 KB)

  4. Psy Vision by Luca Volpe (1.12 MB)

  5. Luca Volpe Headline Prediction (5.17 MB)

  6. ESPmancy by Pablo Amira (5.24 MB)

  7. Rare Kenton Sampler (443 KB)

  8. (936 KB)

  9. eyeattest/ (19.32 MB)

  10. eyeattest/ (807 KB)

Media Type Digital Lesson

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