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Black Tie Zip Tie Thumb Tie 2018 Version

  • Full routines supplied
  • No slack, no gimmicks
  • Plays huge packs so small you can put it in your pocket
  • As used by Kenton Knepper and others in Las Vegas

I have finally decided to release the full details, methods and routines to one of my cherished and most relied upon pieces. Black Tie is a staple for me. It packs small, plays big, is hilarious, mystifying, and memorable. This was a big decision to put everything out in this lesson. If you want surefire entertainment, you'll find it right here. I reserve the right to remove this material at any time. Right now, I am allowing it out to those savvy enough to grasp it. - Kenton Knepper


The zip tie thumb tie that started all the zip tie thumb and wrist tie crazes. 

The Original Zip Tie Thumb Tie  doesn't use gimmicks, slack, extra fingers, tricky cable ties or anything other than a standard zip tie, firmly holding your two thumbs together... for real. 

Nothing like those "slacker" ties that require you to stick in fingers or bend thumbs to get slack. There is nothing like the original.

As performed in Las Vegas and around the world.



A normal zip or cable tie is borrowed. A participant firmly cables the performers two thumbs together, making it impossible for the performer's hands to separate. The performer ends up with his arms linked on microphone stands, rings, chairs, people... you name it. It's like the performer is one giant Linking Ring!


At any time participants can check and see for themselves that the performer's thumbs are completely and firmly tied. With no funny moves, the banded hands can see to be instantly penetrating a rod, chair, arm... anything.


The Routines:

For the first time ever Kenton is exposing here main moves and routines using his famous secret method. You get not only the real secret method not revealed by anyone else, you also get the classic famous bits straight from Kenton's act. Kenton refused to allow even a snippet of this information out previously. In this lesson you will learn the signature routine pieces that Kenton performs to this day.

No, we are not putting up demo video, because Kenton keeps these routines strictly for himself and his students. 

When you get this lesson information, you have the right to perform it in your own performances, just as Kenton does it.



If you have ever witnessed a Thumb Tie routine you know how hilarious, huge, and memorable it can be. It plays on the largest stages and in the most intimate settings too. Packs very small, plays gigantic.

This is a practical piece you will use the rest of your life.

If you want to perform amazing, yet highly entertaining magic, this is for you.

Kenton has been doing Thumb Ties since his childhood. You get real world experience, and Kenton's original method in full, here only.



Make a legendary reputation by learning the real insider secrets of Kenton's Original Black Tie Thumb Tie today.

Now with full routines, live video performances, video and written explanations that show you absolutely everything you need to know.

We are not supplying a video demo because we don't need to beg you to get this work. If you want a piece from a pro's act, here it is. If you want to see the video routine possibilities, you'll get that when you  order this lesson here.


Steve Wachner doing Black Tie in Arizona

Mentalist Steve Wachner doing Black Tie on the road in Arizona


  1. Black Tie Routine Demo 1

  2. Black Tie Routine 2 - Casual Demo

  3. Black Tie Revealed

  4. Black Tie Extreme Close Up View of Moves


  1. Black Tie Original Zip Tie Thumb Tie 2018 (8.38 MB)

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