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Cards of Influence


"Your close up is a revelation" - Kevin Burke, Las Vegas Entertainer Of The Year

"This book is a shining gem of a collection featuring supremely practical effects and marvelous examples of rock solid, real-work scripting. Among my favorite effects are an inspired variation on Frank Garcia's Wild Card and a really lovely variation on the Split Deck. I was especially impressed with the generous spirit of the writing here. As the authors share one smart alternative handling after another there is a sense that they are completely focused on you the reader and care deeply about imparting their creative knowledge in as clear, humble and patient a manner as possible. Such a gift!" - Jay Sankey 

Kenton Knepper tips some of his highly successful and wildly entertaining examples for the public on subliminal influence and word power using cards no less! 

Mark Townsend is a student of Kenton's who is well known for adding deeper dimensions and unusual presentations to all of his effects. 

These two extraordinary thinkers present material you will use right away that is unlike nearly anything else you may have seen or read before. 

You will find everything from close up material and magic, to story-telling effects, weerd pieces, never-before-seen card concepts and yes, even mentalism. Here are just a few of the effect as the audience sees them... 

* A card, object or anything else is apparently seen inside a crystal ball by a spectator. NO gimmicks.

* Letters on blank cards are mixed by spectators yet return to their original state and more under the fairest conditions imaginable. Truly UNIQUE magic.

* A spectator cannot avoid the performer's subliminal influence on repeated occasions, ultimately unable to move or do anything but be influenced "as if hallucinating and smelling laughing gas" - This is a riot for everyone, including the spectator.

* Design Duplication made easy, with the audience realizing that they are the ones who have been hypnotized as a finale.

* A marked deck you can read clear across the stage or down the hall...


Memorable and unusual effects made simple, as only Kenton and his Students can. 

EASY to do material. Basic card sleights or no sleights at all are required. 

You should have a basic background in card sleights if you wish to perform all of this material. Other effects incorporate standard trick decks available at most dealers. In many cases you can simply make your own cards with a marker and blank cards, or use a regular deck, to perform material in this book. 

Includes these favorites: 

* Subliminally Wild 

* Your Spell Is Numbered

* The Well

* Amethyst

* Subliminal McCombical

to name a few. 

With bonus effects by Allen Zingg. Be prepared for some real twists! 

80 Pages of surprising, easy, innovative card magic and mentalism. It's Kenton - so you know it's not like anything else with cards - ask Jay Sankey! 

Now affordable to nearly everyone, be it card performer, mentalist, weerd and bizarre performer or hobbyist...because it is a download! Buy it for less and get it right now.

See why so many have fallen in love with these highly unusual but practical card plots, routines, gaffs and secret ploys. 

C'mon..."Wild Card" as SUBLIMINAL INFLUENCE? You have GOT to see this!

Get it now for only...$25 in PDF download format.

NOTE: Originally published in softbound form (still available) for $40. We offer the e-book at this very special price as a portion of it is discussed in Mind Reading Lesson #9 This book also has the first hint of Mark Townsend's work with the Enneagram. This book literally has something for everyone, from the serious mentalist to the occasional performer. This is a truly unusual collection and not at all what most people think of when they think of "cards"!

Additional Comments and Review By Jheff of JMOM

Obviously, the title will turn off those of you who don't use playing cards for mentalism effects. Too, this work explores very creative uses with gimmicked decks, such as the Wild Card set, the Split Deck, the McCombical Prediction Decks, and an original deck called the BMD (Blatantly Marked Deck). 

There's also some work with the tarot. All of the routines with these decks have a subliminal, or Kenton-esque, edge to them. And all of the routines are intriguing and well-thought out. 

This is actually a more accessible work by Kenton (and friends) than some of his others which require you to be have a certain familiarity with Kenton's performing philosophies (i.e., "Kentonism"). If the premise of this work interests you, then you'll enjoy this.



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