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COMPLY by Fraser Parker - PDF and Hardbound Book

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Comply is a hard-back book containing break-through prop-less methods, principles and ideas created by Fraser during the lockdown period.

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Learn effects and powerful principles that will allow you to appear to read minds over Zoom, or do Zoom shows with no pre-show or set up with anyone. Do Zoom performances that really connect with people via Zoom by adding this new principles to your mentalism.

Methods include:

* A prop-less way to force a two or single-digit number which can also be used to create a thought of card routine.

This is a solid, mechanical method that lends itself to many different presentation angles.

* Two different methods which allow you to guess a spectator's star sign – it is the principle that is interesting here:

Imagine being able to walk up to a complete stranger and without ever needing to know their Name or the Month they were born – after getting them to go through a simple process of adding numbers personal to themselves in order to work out their “life number” – you are always ready to reveal their exact star sign. They add all of the letters in their first and last name together, double this total and then add their month number and from this total, you will be able to back-track to their sign. You never mention you will be revealing their star sign so are free to reveal it whenever you want during your performance after you have secretly obtained all of the information you need under the guise of giving a numerological reading. There is also an additional, bolder method taught that is simplicity itself – it takes an old idea that wouldn't usually fool anyone and disguises it in such a way it becomes a joy to perform and get away with – the method hides in plain sight!

* Also taught is Fraser's two-way written out from Silent Poets. This method is a way to never be seen to be wrong during the course of a reading. This principle can be used with hanging statements to never be seen to be wrong as you mine the information you need.

* The book also includes a simple way to code binary information to an assistant as well as a clever way to reduce the possible months your spectator could be born down to six months, during the course of a reading, without it seeming they are giving you anything – including how Fraser now uses it to allow you to reveal your spectator's star sign.

* And MORE. The book is over 80 pages in length.


This is a book filled with several very strong effects and highly powerful principles you can apply in many ways. While this is not a book to teach you how to do Zoom shows, the principles you learn can easily be applied to Zoom shows, where you can better connect with people online, not just do tricks at them.


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