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  • Doing impressive readings in a novel way... using a Rubik's Cube.
  • Do readings of Past, Present and Future.
  • Do readings about Health, Wealth and Love in a single reading.
  • Do entertaining readings in a fresh and non-threatening way.

Cubacle adds a fresh twist to an old oracle, creating a unique reading system!


Invite a spectator to mix up a Rubik’s Cube. Once mixed, the Cube is placed on your outstretched hand.


You proceed to deliver a psychic reading using the coloured squares and their respective positions on the faces.


Tarot type ‘Past, present & future’ readings work perfectly with the system.


Questions about the three usual areas of interest; Health, Wealth and Love can all be answered in the reading.


I love traditional oracles;  Tarot, Palmistry, Numerology, etc., and use them regularly in entertainment environments, but I also enjoy more quirky, unusual methods of fortune telling. Cubacle is certainly that. It offers the psychic performer/reader a method of delivering both short and more extended readings with a completely self contained prop.


It is perfect for strolling environments as it is performed entirely 'in the hands’; no loose pieces for the spectator to drop, no awkward shuffling, no extra paraphernalia to accidentally leave at the last table or group. 


Cubacle uses a Rublik's Cube for a reading! A Rubik’s Cube doesn’t suffer from evil or bizarre associaitions like some reading systems do, because it is, after all, about as sinister looking as a multi-coloured Magic 8 Ball.


Get Cubacle today and learn to do fascinating readings in a non-threatening, novel way.



What the Pros are saying about Cubacle:


"Congratulations! Cubacle is a wonderful oracle system, and I can't wait to try it." - Richard Webster

"Beautiful system and set of ideas. I love it. I will use it in my own work’." - Pablo Amira

"Well done mate. I’ll be using it." - Scott Creasey

"Dan has taken something that has been done to death and breathed a fresh, new life into it. With Cubacle you will be able to give very accurate and entertaining readings in a way that has never been done before. Time to dig out my discarded cube and start using it for a change!’. - Art Vanderlay


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