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Deeper Hypno Coin Trance

  • Kenton's Original
  • A download lesson teaches you all you need to know
  • Use both real and trance illusion to induce deep relaxation
  • Use your own coins, poker chips, discs. Google hypnotic swirl graphics and put these on to make your own Hypno Swirl Coin

Watch the video and see how it looks. No, Roxanne was not in on it. She didn't know what was going to happen. She was honestly very impressed with this tool, and your audiences will be too.

Kenton opened his powerful closing talk in Las Vegas with this effect.

Now you can do it.

Just watch the video, and then learn it here.

This is a download lesson. No props are supplied. Make your own simple hypnotic coin set-up and use it as Kenton shows.


  1. Deeper Effect Demonstration

  2. Deeper Effect Explanation


  1. Deeper Instructions (141 KB)

Media Type Digital Lesson

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