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Devious Realities

  • Peter Turner's very first book, written with his mentor Kenton Knepper
  • Original mentalism that fooled even Kenton himself
  • Calculator effects using your phone or ordinary calculator
  • Two participants Mind Read each other over the phone
  • More

"Devious Realities contains material that fooled me completely. If you like my dual reality principle, simple yet profound methods and impact, or Add-A-Number tricks with calculators that you can find almost anywhere for a dollar or two, this ebook is definitely for YOU. I had to write this so that I could learn what Mr. Turner was actually doing!"
— Kenton Knepper

Every once in a while someone comes along who gets Kenton's attention and impresses Kenton enough to write their first book for them. Peter Turner is one such creator and his first book by Kenton called "Devious Realities" is all you would expect from such a title.

Here are some of the reasons people have been excited about this release before Kenton even finished writing it:


Tricked Calculator for just a couple of dollars...and no work to do!

Random spectators add and/or subtract numbers and anytime they wish, total the numbers by pushing the = button on the calculator. The actual total on the calculator, held by the spectators the entire time, is the same number predicted weeks or months in advance.

Peter Turner provides a fascinating presentation with this that is memorable yet entirely believable. His nuances have thrown off even some of those in the know of the original Bob King formula.

Yet that is just the beginning.


This method and presentation is completely different from anything you have seen before. It is simple, easy to perform, yet answers the ultimate dream of mentalists...What if the people who added their numbers together could say what their numbers are out loud and have the audience check the actual addition?

A common calculator (may be borrowed) is handed out to the audience. The audience adds and subtracts their favorite numbers to their heart's content, checks the final total of these random numbers, and then zeros out the total so the performer cannot read the total.

Another audience member is given the calculator to hold and told to check and be sure that the numbers selected actually match the total.

Spectators call out their numbers so that the entire audience can check the addition and total. That's right...for the first time ever the audience can call out their own numbers, total them using a calculator so that the final total is exactly as it should be, while the entire audience checks the math along with the people using the calculator. The total cannot be faked!

Still, the performer has predicted the total in any standard way chosen, such as sealed in an envelope, inside a chest, written on the back of a board, and so on.

This method is new and very different. Even though Kenton created it he still fooled himself with it for days before he realized how the impossible was happening! Now you can do it too...immediately.

This is an entirely different method and approach to any calculator or number prediction/revelation. This is NOT a formula but a novel idea created by Kenton that allows people to confirm the numbers called out as well as the total.


Various members of the audience are told to add or subtract numbers on a calculator as they desire. When all are satisfied the = button is pressed and an accurate total of the numbers, as well as the equation of all the numbers calculated, are displayed. The participating members are told to remember their own number, and the last person is to remember the total of all as well.

The CLEAR button is pushed by an audience member to clear away the total as well as all the numbers. All appears as it should, and all of this is done by the audience.

Once the calculator is cleared (and the screen is entirely blank) the mentalist can name not only the total but each and every number the spectators chose, whether they added or subtracted their number, and more!

Again, this uses a calculator you can buy at Amazon, Best Buy, and typical marketplaces. You do NOT need to make any adjustments, exchange buttons, do electronic work, use a secret calculator formula or anything else of the kind. Once you know the secret, you will do it all.


The mentalist stands before a subject telling the person to just relax and breathe...the subject's eyes flutter and apparently goes into a trance in mere seconds.

Mr. Turner uses this easy to perform ploy in several of his effects. It causes a debate about whether what he does is real Mind Reading or some sort of other mental influence. YOU will do it in an instant. It's easy.


The performer asks a random subject to think of an image, ensuring that they do not choose something obvious like a car, but something more obscure. After asking for the subject's full name and what this person aspired to be when they were younger, the performer is able to correctly draw what the subject has in mind and learn more about the subject's personality in the process.

This is a very novel readings and drawing duplication effect that can be done in small group or on a large stage with great success.

The subject writes nothing down and there is no pre-show work.


This one fooled Kenton big time. Once Mr. Turner explained his unique methods to Kenton, Kenton realized why he would never have figured out how the effect was accomplished otherwise.

Twenty information cards are placed on a table. These cards have names of different people on one side and personal information about each person on the other. A subject chooses a name at random - a free choice. On the backs of the name cards is a short description about that person, such as their favorite television program, favorite drink and hobbies. The subject is asked to pretend for a moment that they are the person they chose.

For example, they select the name of Becky and try to get into character based on the card's information. The performer places a deck of playing cards and personal phone on the table saying, "Now that you know a little bit about Becky's personality, imagine the colour of playing card that you think Becky would choose."

Perhaps the subject states that Becky would pick a black card.

The performer asks what the suit of the playing card might be, and the subject says Becky would probably choose Spades.

Finally the subject chooses the value of the playing card she thinks Becky would like. The subject chooses the Four, making the Four of Spades.

The performer has the subject set the phone to speakerphone and call Becky. Becky is asked to think of any playing card and name it out loud. She responds with the Four of Spades!

NOW WAIT. This is NOT the same old "telephone" trick. BOTH PARTIES ARE ENTIRELY FOOLED AND EXTREMELY IMPRESSED. Many scream at the final result. There are no vocal cues, stooges or actors used in this presentation. The person who imagines being Becky is NOT told what card to name. They mentally choose the card is not cued to them or physically forced on the person before they call the random person they choose on the phone.

No, they can't overhear the conversation either. This is devious stuff with methods that will impress you even after you read how it works.

No matter how difficult the effect appears, it is actually very simple and much of the work is done automatically for you in performance. You will be impressed even after you read this one.


This is yet another one of Peter Turner's devious presentations with psychology that fooled Kenton.

A subject is instructed to close their eyes and think of an image. The performer asks three simple questions that have no relevance to what the subject is thinking.

After the subject answers the three questions the performer is able to draw the image, number or word that was in the subject's mind.

No pre-show required and as direct as it can get.

Believe it or not, the effect is even more impressive to the person thinking of the image, number or word.

Unlike stooged tricks, the person thinking of their item is as stunned as the audience.

Mr. Turner's devious use of principles would fool you if you saw this performed too...just as it did Kenton...and some of the principles are Kenton's! Ingenious to say the least. Still, simple to perform.


Peter Turner's pet effect and the method that has had everyone guessing is finally revealed in full detail.

It begins in a nearly standard way: A card is selected by someone while the performer looks away. Apparently by using psychological tells the performer names the chosen card hidden away by a spectator.

Then things begin to get strange, but realistically so...

The performer teaches a random person from the audience "the system" to know what card a person has by watching the movement of a person's eyes. It takes but a moment, and the instruction is done openly. The "student" says they more or less understand the system and are willing to try it.

An audience member selects a new card and hides it on their person. The performer has the "student" from the audience use the system to figure out the name of the card. For instance:

"Yes, he looked up that time, so what does that tell you, using the system? Yes, that's right, that would indicate a picture card."

This bit of deduction continues until the audience member who has learned the system correctly names the other spectator's card!

WAIT. It gets even better.

BOTH student and audience member are completely fooled. The student from the audience does understand the system and it does work, but the student can no longer remember it all or make it work later.

NO, the student spectator is NOT told what the card is...they really use the system. They still don't know how it works!

This is a highly realistic bit of mentalism and entirely believable to the audience and the participating spectators too. You will see for yourself why this is Mr. Turner's pet effect and has guarded it jealously until now.


Perhaps you are thinking we are "over-hyping" this material and that it cannot be as good as it sounds. The truth is that it is better in performance than what we can write in words. The material is practical, primarily easy to perform, simple and direct. We predict that you, like Kenton, will be astonished at just how simple and easy much of this material is to do. It is the sheer devious psychological ploys at work that make for the miracles in this book.

If you love Kenton's use of dual reality, suggestion, linguistics and psychology, then you will be thrilled with the direct deviousness of this material and how practically, directly, it is applied.

You will also find highly intriguing the word association game effect and method, the simple and clear romance of destiny with a couple from the audience and the strange yet subtle twists of audience members receiving the thought of a phone number from another member of the audience.

The title says it all. If you like dual reality work, devious methods, or just want some new Add-A-Number/calculator tricks with a normal calculator, you will find methods and plots here that are satisfying, novel, memorable, direct and highly realistic. After all, they fooled Kenton.

Important Crediting Notes:

BOB KING is credited with originally bringing the first calculator method to Mystery Performers. Kenton realized that the calculator effect could be performed on his iPhone/iPod Touch. Others have discovered this as well. HINT: Turn your screen long way to get a second type of calculator.

Kenton is the author of the other two calculator works in this book. The second and third calculator effects/methods are entirely Kenton's origination and are not based on the method popularized by Bob King in any way. Peter shares an interesting presentation with the method Mr. King made popular that you will surely value, followed by two of Kenton's original works on this topic (using a different method entirely.)

In instantly available download PDF book format so you can begin playing with this right now. Just go get a calculator or two and you'll be performing that stuff right away!


  1. Devious Realities Book (2.21 MB)

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