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Direct Control

  • Force someone to choose anything, large or small, even people
  • Force a gaffed book from a table or shelf full of books
  • Correctly predict a wide variety of choices, not just one
  • Force or control practically anything
  • Full effects and routines provided

Now in streaming video.

We are pleased to announce Kenton is tipping his decades long secrets of Direct Control here now.

What is "Direct Control" ? We can't tell you that here. What we can tell you is what DIRECT CONTROL will do for you:

*Predict one out of a dozen or more items randomly scattered on a floor or table. It doesn't take a lot of words or time. The whole thing happens in under 30 seconds! You can of course build this into as long a presentation as you like.

*Predict four, six, eight or more highly specific items out of a hoard of options. Yes, you predict EVERY item correctly.

*Predict a single item chosen merely by a person stopping at an object. Items are slid across the table or tapped, and the item stopped at is the one predicted.

*Force a book for a Book Test from a shelf or stack of books, force a trick deck among a bunch of decks, force an envelope out of a stack of envelopes, a color out of a pack of candy or set of markers, a flavor, tea bag...

*Force a person, a secret assistant, a chair, other furniture, virtually any item at all large or small may be potentially forced or predicted.

*Replace or greatly clean up equivoque on every level with Kenton's very different methods.

Imagine what you could do if you could fill a table with 20 items and begin moving them away until someone stopped you. They stop on an item that remains and it's the one predicted. Best of all, you do all of this directly and in less than a minute. It can be performed in 20 seconds without tricky words or failure. Try to do that with equivoque!

Kenton even goes so far as to teach you how to apply this so it seems you are able to make someone stop, or allow you to cut the deck to the aces - with the audience calling out where the last ace is...and it IS right there...without sleight of hand.

If you are a mentalist, you need this. Period. It will change how you approach forcing objects and making impromptu predictions. You will eliminate or radically alter how you do standard equivoque after you learn these methods.

Magicians, you need to show how you can direct people, have a trick prop chosen at "random" or cut the aces out of a deck without hard work. You'll even learn Kenton's commercial cutting the ace routine as a bonus in this work. It's what Kenton performs close-up to this day.

If you want to force or control practically anything, then Direct Control is for you.

Not only read the methods in detail, but see them in action! Along with the PDF eBook you get impromptu video demonstrations of the principles at work too. These aren't fancy videos, but the real thing shot by someone at a private home, so you can see for REAL how these principles work...repeatedly...even when performed six or seven times or more in a row!

For this one price you learn the system in the following formats:

PDF BOOK (Read it first)

THREE streaming videos - no more download waiting on videos!

You have likely seen Kenton perform some of this and not even known it. He sneaks this into loads of performance work, and no one is the wiser. Now you can learn the same methods of DIRECT CONTROL for your own secret influence.

Use this alone or mix it with equivoque, and your influence will seem not only powerful, but endless.


DIRECT CONTROL also made it into the "Top 10 Mentalism Products of 2012" by Jheff and

Top 10 Best Mentalism Products of 2012:


"These past few years it's been incredibly hard to pick the best of Knepper's work since he's been releasing quite a lot of great material. So I've lumped what I feel are the best of his releases from this year into one combined entry on this list, like I did for Bob Cassidy.

GENUINE AMAZEMENT and ANTI-TADA have important lessons for every mentalist. The effects which are presented are merely illustrations of these lessons, though they are very good effects nonetheless and worth studying.

DIRECT CONTROL is my favorite utility technique of the year and one that will probably be overlooked by many mentalists. It's a modern take on a classic force technique that can be applied to many different types of items and can be performed with nothing more than those items. No gimmicks, no preparation. It does take a little bit of practice to get the confidence and timing down, but this oh so very powerful technique is worth it."


  1. KTFF Elimination Demonstration

  2. KTFF Sweep Control

  3. KTFF Easy Kut Aces

  4. Kenton Fechter Timing Force of Anything


  1. Direct Control Book (11.62 MB)

  2. Direct Control Videos MP4 Files (14.01 MB)

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Media Type Digital Lesson

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Customer Reviews

  • Bravo Kenton. LEARN THIS MATERIAL.

    5 Stars

    Eugene Burger, my teacher and mentor, worked on the idea of many to one forcing for over 15 years. A mainstay of the principle is what is taught here so brilliantly by Kenton. I use this material all the time and is one of the most important tools you can learn. This taught me after all this time some new twists. LEARN THIS MATERIAL. Bravo Kenton. Your students have no idea the power and usefulness of this material! - Newell Unfried.

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  • 0 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    One of the Top 10 Best Mentalism Products of 2012

    5 Stars

    When Kenton Knepper strikes gold, he creates classic, must-have works for mentalists such as Wonder Words, which taught performers the importance of word choice, or Kolossal Killer, an extremely influential routine dealing with verbal control. I believe that this time Knepper has struck gold again.

    Kenton has taken a classic method of forcing a card and shows how one can apply it to other objects. If you're unfamiliar with the card force that Kenton uses (which is moderately obscure as I don't see a lot of performers using it), he begins by explaining it. Then, he explains how to use this force for objects in a row, in one's hand, and in a box or a bowl. He also explains how to use this force with envelopes, a table full of objects, and books. And, for magicians, he has a version of cutting the aces.

    As one might suspect, there are no gimmicks in play. It's all in the handling and it does require a modicum of verbal control, but working mentalists shouldn't have any problems. The versatility of this should be obvious and it's one of those techniques that mentalists will love knowing and having in their arsenal. The package includes the thirty page manuscript, complete with photo illustrations, and three downloadable videos in both MP4 and Quicktime that demonstrate these techniques.

    Don't pass this up. I don't say this often, but I do think this is a must-have for mentalists.


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