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Ennematic and Ennematics Certification (Download PDF)

  • IMPORTANT! This version has been created for performing mentalists and magicians.
  • NOT a version for non-performers.


For readers, Mind Readers, personal coaches, mentalists, psychological performers and yes, magicians too. As seen in all of Mr. Townsend's television and book appearances.

Mind Reading students - this is a MUST. It's as close to real Mind Reading as it gets. You really do NEED this one if you are serious about Mind Reading.

Appear to be an expert in human behavior in a day or two of pondering this amazing material, and become certified in it.

It is impossible to describe all that  Ennematic will do for you. Here are a few hints at some of what you will learn:

PDF One: The Ennematic Manual

Years of combined experience are distilled into easy to learn charts, systems and tools so that mentalists, readers, magicians, and personal coaches can learn in one night what it took Mark Townsend and Kenton years to amass. No worries...they have made it all entertaining and simple to grasp.

What is "Ennematic"? It's a bit on an enigma and difficult to explain. It's easier to learn. Essentially this is Mark and Kenton's applications of the Enneagram. What's an "Enneagram"? It is a special chart that incorporates personality types and reveals all sorts of wonderful things. Mark and Kenton have applied their studies in these realms to performing, so that the Enneagram can be practical for entertainers, readers, mentalists and close-up magicians. It's easiest to describe it by telling you what you can do with it.

* A spectator deals envelopes and stops wherever they wish. They remove a slip of paper from their chosen envelope (no trick envelopes) and the description within is found to match their personality exactly. The descriptions in the envelopes not chosen are very different.

* A playing card is removed sight unseen by a spectator and the performer never touches it. The performer begins to talk about personality types. He tells someone that they are of a certain type, and the person agrees that this is true. This type relates to a number and a suit on a playing card. When the person turns the card over that was removed by someone else before the reading, they find it is the exact card that matches their personality. The performer may have a chart and list on the table to verify this fact from the start, so that the performer isn't "just making up" what each number or suit means.

* REAL Mind Reading. Notice how someone speaks, how they act, and then tell the person about their inner drives, why they do what they do (even if they don't know), what they secretly expect from others, what they really want, how they see themselves, what they fear and more. How's that for real Mind Reading?

* Spectators Know... A card is selected and held by a spectator. A chart is shown and they choose the number and suit that best fits their friend holding the card. When the spectator looks at the card they took it is the very card their friends had created based on their perceptions about the spectator. Other versions and variations may be performed instead.

* Helpful Readings Don't just tell people what they want to hear. Like a true Mind Reader, tell people what they do that causes them stress and what they can do to get out of it. You can even work this into your standard mentalism or magic performances. This is practical insight, not mere illusion.

* The Envelope Says... An envelope is placed on the table or given to a spectator to hold. The spectator is told about different personalty types, how each type corresponds to a number, and how each type has a couple of "side issues" that relate to the type. Based upon the meanings of the numbers the spectator names a personality number. A disc is shaken out of the envelope. This disc contains the person's number and two "side numbers" as already discussed. "I knew I knew you!" the performer remarks.

* Amazing Rapport can be had at very deep levels once you have learned even a small part of the Ennematic system. This applies to everyone you know and every thing you do, even outside of the performance arena. Understand co-workers, bosses, "problem spectators" and more.

* Instant, Provocative, Specific Readings Over The Phone or Internet. Want to be an effective intuitive reader but can't or won't memorize stock lines and phony things to say? Just use the special charts provided in Ennematic. With a few charts posted by your phone, computer or in your briefcase, you are prepared to give flowing readings with accurate results, real insights, productive suggestions and all without memorizing anything or reading from a script. Say things in your own natural way based on the incredible charts provided for you in Ennematic. It really IS easy now.

* Color, Animal, Image or Card - A spectator chooses favorites among a batch of cards, colors, animals, drawings or a combination of these. The mentalist, as an expert in psychology and human nature, tells the spectator about themselves based upon these choices. Fascinating stuff. No, you don't have to memorize twenty or thirty things - don't worry.

We're not able to properly tell you all that this system can do for you. Read this in a day or two and be educated practically in these matters better than if you read ten books on the subject. We know - we read them. We were trained under experts in these areas. What we are giving you is the direct information, with practical applications, easy to understand prompts, tables, charts and effects so you can begin learning this amazing system right away.

Ennematic is not automatic, but it is closer than almost any other reliable system that we know. Some things in this book you will do right away. Other portions you will want to think about or study longer. You will get a legitimate education in the Enneagram and basic Jungian types. Do some of this overnight, more in a few days, and even more in a week or so if you really want to sink every bit in deeply. This material will grow and expand with you anyway, so take your time.

But don't think this material is difficult. It is not. It will take a little bit of study, but how much you do is up to you. You can easily get by doing just one simple card effect and learn the system by performing the trick! If you want to learn more, we've given you all the tools to do that too, without taking a great deal of time or effort.

Every performer should own this work, because as performers we simply must deal with others. Understanding others is key. As mentalists, Mind Readers, coaches and intuitives, being able to KNOW what is going on inside a person is priceless.

We've spent a lot of words here trying to explain the unexplainable. We have made accessible the nine types of the Enneagram, the flow of the chart and that meaning, the basic types, the deeper motivations and the real word applications, literal and symbolic, so that anyone who wants to apply this incredible system now can do so. That still doesn't tell you what reading and working with this system will.

It took a lot of years to learn all of this so that we could simplify it for you and apply it to performing, but you won't have to spend a lot of money to learn what we Know. This is a MUST for every sort of performer.


PDF File Two - The You Name It Deck

What has been called "the only sensible and intimate presentation of the Name Deck premise" is taught in full. As seen on television, performed by Mark Townsend, with additions by Kenton Knepper and Allen Zingg.

A spectator is asked if they know a friend by a certain name. They say that they do. They are asked to look at a chart of suits and numbers. Each suit and number has character traits listed underneath them. The spectator chooses the suit and number that best defines the friend they have in mind. The card deck which has been in full view is shown. On the backs are names of different people. Each card back is different. The faces are all different as well. The card created by the spectator is found in the deck and displayed. Sure enough, on the back of the card is written the very name of the person they had in mind!

Only one deck used. The deck is on the table from the start. Two additional variations are taught as well. This trick could have been sold for the price of the entire Ennematic work alone. The real work however is in the rest of the material found in the second download. The first download is only eight pages long so that those who want to do a trick right away can do so. This trick is explained in the manual but there are additions to this first download not found in the manual, and we know some of you will want to play with this right away and learn more later. That's why we made this part easily accessible on its own.

To avoid confusion, some of the beginning of this is in the first manual, but more details about this effect are in this second PDF.




Now you can get the "Ennematic" ebook and be certified in "Ennematics" suitable for framing, in PDF format. You get this Certificate as a PDF so you can print it out, use it on your office wall, promo materials, or wherever you like.

This certification is a perfect compliment to any NLP, psychology, hypnosis, or esoteric training you may boast, including our Pendulum Programming Certification.

To qualify, all you need to do is order here, then send a message to Kenton directly via Facebook messenger (

You will receive your Ennematic ebook immediately for your study and use. The Certification will come as a PDF in your email or in Messenger after you contact Kenton.

We know you will be impressed with Ennematic. You are going to study this material anyway, so why not be certified for having done so? There are no tests. Just order below.

Order here now for your instant certification along with the new Ennematic ebook BOTH for this price

Get the Ennematic ebook AND the personalized Certificate together now by ordering this today. No, that's not a typo. It's only $75 for BOTH and you get them BOTH when you order here. It used to be more than $75 for the certificate alone, but for now...this is the price for the PDF book and the certificate too. Hope we've cleared that up now.

As it says in the Ennematic book, "No matter what you do, if you care at all about connecting with your audience on a personal level, this work is for you."



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