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ESP Draw and Read Psychological System (PDF Download)


I highly recommend Kenton Knepper's works for everyone with even the slightest interest in facilitating the healing power of symbols, as well as for the commercial performer bringing a new air of authenticity to his or her performance.

-- Pablo Amira


Surefire readings that look mystical but are completely psychological in nature!

Kenton developed this amazing system that could easily have sold for as much as S.A.R. Instead, he has decided to allow us to release this system for a fraction of the price.

This is a readings system unlike most others. Here is a basic working:

A participant chooses one or many ESP symbols and makes drawings of any kind on them. From these drawings the reader reveals detailed aspects of the participant without cold reading methods. The drawings, freely made in any manner whatsoever by the participant, actually reveal aspects of their true personality!

No, we are not kidding. It really works.

Of course Kenton has incorporated many sneaky other aspects to be sure that these psychological revelations always hit.

To begin with, the person TELLS YOU all about themselves first before you say much of anything. From this it is easy to apply the secret psychological clues in their drawing, because you already know what's on their mind...they told you!

What's even more amazing is that you need not memorize complex theories, meanings of lines or anything else. Kenton's work with symbols allow him to teach you a few simple basic, easy to recall clues. If you can remember a basic trait for each ESP symbol, that's all you need to recall.

Kenton and his S.E.C.R.E.T. School gives you additional details to learn whenever you wish, if you wish, as well as bonus effects that can be incorporated into any act.

These are the main points of Kenton's ESP Draw and Read System:

* Learn just five basic ESP meanings and the participant reveals the rest to you for any reading, short or in-depth, unknowingly.

* No memory needed as your handout souvenir sheet gives you more information than you will ever need and works for you even after the reading is over.

* The participant can choose one, several or all five ESP symbols and you can do a reading just as easily with whatever they choose.

* The System is based on sound psychology that has been proved out for over one hundred and fifty years.

* What the person draws on a freely chosen symbol really does tell you about the person.

* This can be played as psychological, psychic, or a mix of both.

* Entirely unique and unlike what anyone else is performing or teaching as a readings system.

* Work readings into ESP routines in a completely new manner.

* NOT simply a reading based on ESP cards but rather on what a person draws on the cards. This is truly different.

* Discover Kenton's simple method for teaching his best Students how to get to the inner meaning of symbols.

* PLUS an original adaptation of another drawing test that may be used in any design duplication or pseudo psychometry effect. This test is purely psychological in nature and does not use ESP cards. Kenton has expanded, updated and made this test easy as well as flawless. The participant is actively engaged in the reading and is unaware that they are the ones who do most of the work.

* Complete PDF instruction plus an individual file of artwork for the drawing test and handout sheets. Print these off and use them as advertising for all of your readings!

Perfect for readers, mentalists, life coaches, therapists and the like.

Most of us have relied upon Kenton to make psychological factors easy to grasp and surefire in application. Kenton has been using this system and is now releasing it for the first time ever. Only some members of the School have been privy to this work until now.

Imagine, a readings system with NO cold reading, NO tricky guess work, NO memory required, where the person being read does most of the work, and you are bound to be accurate as well as entertaining.

We simply cannot say enough about this very unusual yet easy to do System.

Works GREAT too with S.A.R. and the S.A.R. Card Readings Set!

If you are ready to do readings that are different from what other readers do, want to stand out as memorable, or perform readings that are purely psychological, this System will do all that for you, and much more.

Instantly available in two PDF files, ready to learn, play with and use.

Order now, try out the reading on yourself and be impressed! You will amaze yourself.

Review by Jheff at Marketplace of the Mind:

This is another ingenious idea from Kenton Knepper. Now, I could just cut to the quick and say that this is S.A.R. LITE. Frankly, I see myself using this as a "quickie" version of S.A.R. when I don't have that much time or if I want to interest someone in doing a S.A.R. reading.

However, though there are quite a bit of similarities to S.A.R. and the two work well together, this is a stand-alone reading system that is not S.A.R. (which, once again, I'll HIGHLY recommend). This is also a system that requires no memorization, since the handout sheet has what you need to know. It's also a good reading system for those who have never done readings and are looking for an easy one to start with.

The blurb accurately describes what this is. An ESP symbol is selected and the person adds to that symbol to make an original drawing. The performer then interpets the drawing and provides an informational handout.

Knepper describes two types of readings. The short version is the one that I was referrring to just above and the version that I plan on using as the "quickie" that I mentioned in the beginning. The other version is a longer one. All five ESP symbols are used to make drawings from.

The first 16 of the 37 pages of this downloadable PDF cover examples of the different kinds of drawings that persons make using the five standard ESP designs. Then there's an intriguing article on "The Reversed Polarity Metaphorical Spiel." Knepper certainly admits to this being "psychobabble," but it's believable and, most important, it works.

Also included in this is a modified version of a 1930s drawing test by Ehrig Wartegg. In this, the symbols aren't the five ESP symbols, but they're close. There are six squares to use with this: the circle, a triangle, one wavy line, two parallel lines, a square, and a blank box. This will be great for those who want to do this but get away from the ESP symbols.

The handouts Knepper supplies contain two different sheets with these more traditional symbols on it. The third sheet is the single-page informational handout sheet which has been designed so that it works with both the regular ESP Draw and Reading System as well as the modified Wartegg version.

For those who use S.A.R., this is another great tool. For those who are looking for a very easy reading system that appears much more psychological in nature than mystical, this is very much worth checking out.

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