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Eye Attest (Download) Kenton Knepper/Luca Volpe


"This is FU**ING brilliant!...I won't give you permission to use all I have said as a testimonial because it is that good and I can't have clients finding out where I got it! I work in high-end corporate market, so obviously I can't reveal my name." - Anonymous (well known mentalist)

"There is no way to say how valuable, ingenious and worthwhile this whole set is to me. I work for corporations, trade shows, do a little close-up, and do some things for friends on the side. Everything I do has been made better thanks to these props and routines. It's impossible to describe all that this set does, but if you are even a casual performer you WILL find things you'll love in this ebook and set! Thanks Kenton and Luca for a very different set of props and principles. You've done it again." - Bill Salome, Mentalist, Corporate Motivational Speaker, Influence Expert

Eye Attest by Kenton Knepper and Luca Volpe delivers psychological and intuitive readings, mental reprogramming, strange magic revelations and novel mentalism all in one.

EYE ATTEST takes advantage of the Public's current fascination with the word puzzles made popular on social media.

A chart of mixed letters is shown and a spectator is asked to see what words first come to mind. This is what is typical with the Public...BUT

EYE ATTEST turns this into an astonishing set of card revelations, Tarot readings, color readings, positive affirmation programming, symbolic revelations, hilarious spectator messages and prompts, Mind Reading, even a very strange "Confabulation" effect.

Here are just a few of the many novel, visual and memorable things you will do with EYE ATTEST:

*Do instant readings and then reprogram people after the reading for positive transformation and success.

*Do "Confabulation" with a word puzzle and a Mind Reading spectator...and end with a truly unusual, startling result.

*Do a Tarot reading with a single piece of paper, even predicting a layout someone will choose, with no outs.

*Use popular word puzzle graphs to make people name hidden cards, apparently hallucinate their wants, reveal hidden desires, say complete patter lines, and much more.

The applications are endless! Once you begin to apply our concepts you will certainly find many ways to use these in your own personal performances, large and small.

Perfect for readers, mentalists, success coaches, motivational demonstrations, suggestionists, hypnotists, and close-up performers.

Rarely is such a seemingly simple item as diverse in performance and application as is Eye Attest.

EYE ATTEST includes novel graphs and puzzles for Color Readings, Tarot Readings, Symbolic Readings, and even methods to do "cold" readings without any memory at all...perhaps using real intuition, thanks to the special charts supplied.

MORE THAN READINGS! Card revelations, Tarot predictions, trance illusion for people to reinforce success patterns, a racy paper tear goes on and on with supplied effects, methods and the charts you need to make it all happen.

We are certain you will be as thrilled with the many options and reactions to these effects and principles as we.

TWO downloads in one. Get the EYE ATTEST ebook along with the EYE ATTEST ARTWORK AND CHARTS that make it all possible.

Print out the charts on your computer or use them on your portable device.


"Kenton Knepper just keeps finding more and more ingenious and creative ways to provide readings. Who would have thought that the beloved word search puzzle could be a new and wonderful source for doing powerful puzzles? Yeah, the question's rhetorical. I certainly didn't. And Kenton Knepper did!

What you are purchasing is the idea and a sampling of ways to customize this. I stress this because there's an impressive list of things listed in the blurb that you can do with this ("Color Readings, Tarot Readings, Symbolic Readings, ..."cold" readings without any memory at all...) You definitely can do all of that, but not with same chart. Most applications use a different and unique chart. And, as mentioned above, you can customize it as needed. Also, these charts can be transferred onto an electronic device, such as a smartphone, so that it can be used electronically.

As to how easy it is to use these readings, that all depends on which reading you'd like to do. Some may require a lot more memory work than others, such as the one requiring tarot. The basic idea though is very easy to grasp and so this brilliant concept is well within the capabilities of a novice and definitely satisfying enough for the seasoned reader.

This is a PDF download. One PDF contains the 47-page e-book. The other 19-page PDF contains all of the various charts that are discussed. If you're a fan of creative readings or Kenton Knepper's work, you've probably already hit the purchase button before finishing this paragraph. Otherwise, if you're looking for a novel reading method then this one certainly deserves your serious attention."

- Jheff,

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