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Hidden Influence - Limited Availability

  • Foreword by Peter Turner, and includes Mr. Turner's otherwise unpublished "Burnt Memories" routine.
  • Real influence methods, used by politicians and people in power, and how to apply these to mentalism and magic.
  • Learn how to make your mentalism and magic far more realistic using these hidden insights.
  • Get trance and influence effects that transform your close-up magic, classic mentalism, and your impact on others.
  • Some of these methods are used by world rulers on each other. Maybe you should know and apply them too!

This is a limited PDF book by Kenton Knepper on his legendary work in influence, performance mentalism, trance illusion and magic.

Rare hardbound versions of this book sell for $150 and up. It was released in limited hardback editions back in 2014.

‚ÄčThis PDF ebook is available for a very limited time. Your opportunity ends April 8. Then it will vanish from the website.

This book is for Mystery Performers, mentalists and magicians. It is not a book for beginners.

If you know the name Kenton Knepper in mentalism and magic, then you know why you need this book. You will need to keep an open mind and actually try out these methods to find out for yourself the great difference these tools and routines make to your usual mentalism or magic.

Learn real secrets of indirect influence, psychological influence, eye gazes, influence of touch, sound, name reading, secret control, Kenton's Outs on Purpose principle, pulse stopping, enchanting arm and handshake influence, Fraser Parker's Strength of Imagination, Kenton's Indirect Connect, Kenton's Kontrol, Peter Turner's never before released routine Burnt Memories and much more.

Jam-packed with new methods, routines, effects, and principles that will change how the world perceives you.

Over 350 pages

Foreword by Peter Turner.


  1. Kenton's Hidden Influence (5.99 MB)

Tags Readings, psychology, rare, trance effects, Magic, Wonder Words, mind reading, Mentalism
Media Type Digital Lesson

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