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I Have Been Influenced: Sealed Secrets

  • No Double Envelopes
  • No Thumbtips
  • No Switches
  • Participants make clear choices
  • Four complete routines and methods

Kenton has been holding on to this manuscript for over a year. He didn't want to part with material that was successful for him if others couldn't grasp the power of it for themselves.

Finally, in August of 2016, Kenton agreed to release this material.

You will learn the I Have Been Influenced effect as shown in the video. Participants have clear choices. Participants do not need to deal envelopes. They can touch or pick them at random to find there are many different prizes or messages in each envelope they choose.

Still, the envelope they set aside, whether they decide to exchange it or not, always gives them the I Have Been Influenced message.

There are 3 more great routines in the PDF book as well as I Have Been Influenced.

1.  The New Three Envelope Test: A participant freely guesses and chooses what is in three envelopes. They are shown to be clearly intuitive! This looks so fair, and may even be presented as a demonstration of psychological influence, not just intuition. People guess whether an envelope contains a coin, glass or sand without touching anything. Maybe they are psychic!

2. It Counts Test: A participant finds their own bill by choosing an envelope freely and slowly. This looks so fair, it must be real intuition. Then again, in a sense, perhaps it is.

3. Caution to the Wind: A participant loses their bill in a stack of twenty to fifty envelopes. The performer begins throwing batches of envelopes up into the air. The participant stops anywhere they wish. With no sleight of hand or switches, the participant takes the envelope they have stopped on. It turns out to contain their one signed bill. This may be used with corporate tie-ins as well as can the It Counts Test.

Here is a short collection of Kenton specialties with all the nuances, psychology and ingenious ploys, so you can do the seeming impossible yourself.

You will learn diabolical principles that you can apply to other mentalism and magic too. There are many breakthrough approaches in this work that will make what you do look fair and like real intuition or Mind Reading.

You get solid real-world performing material, along with unusual psychology and sly approaches that will make you smile in wonder as you perform them.

We simply cannot say enough about what you will learn in this short 19 page PDF book and 2 videos. We can safely predict you will be using these methods in many ways, once you learn these secrets.


  1. I Have Been Influenced Demo Video

  2. I Have Been Influenced Explained


  1. I Have Been Influenced PDF Book (11.48 MB)

Tags psychology, Mentalism
Media Type Digital Lesson

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Customer Reviews

  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    If you like influence routines...

    5 Stars

    I just picked this up the other day when it had been freshly released and I've given it two read throughs in preparation for learning all it has to offer. However, the very first effect, which is the one demonstrated, should be doable with little practice. It involves no moves, no gaffed envelopes, only subtlety.

    The more advanced techniques in the PDF go on to describe more routines, and as they become more complex, they also offer more flexibility.

    If you like influence type routines in which the plot is influencing the participant's decisions, you will really like I Have Been Influenced.


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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    Pure Genius!

    5 Stars

    Genius!! Pure genius!! I only purchase things I feel I will actually use in my act, and this is brilliant!

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