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Impish Thoughts (PDF Download)


A special collection that teaches you how to make miracles.

Simple props and tools become memorable experiences.

After each unusual effect and method is a "Lesson". These are short and sweet reminders of the principles and concepts at work behind each effect. The "lessons" will get you rethinking what you do and why you do it. Many treasures in each of these short paragraphs following the effects. If nothing else, you should own this to ponder the principles in these "lessons".

There are daring favorites which a select few have seen Kenton perform live. These have also made their way on to television in many countries. You will find in full expanded explanation and exposure The Love Force, Mojo Grow Bag, and A Miracle For Those Who Dare.

Kenton realized that he needed to more fully explain these concepts and effects so other performers could grasp them easily and perform them. You will find new information, new illustrations and the latest work on these favorites. 

Drawn Together is a weird bit you'll have a load of fun doing. Two spectators stand next to each other and try to force one another off balance. When they remain balanced, the performer states this is due to an unusual connection between them. He makes them stand apart, but says that "each will subconsciously reach out to each other". The audience laughs for as the performer speaks, the spectators do just as he says. Even the spectators are amazed by this event.

This manuscript will get you to reconsider old bits and props you have dismissed, while giving you valuable lessons and insights that can be applied to all that you do. 

If you have seen what Kenton does with an Imp Bottle in the spectator's hand - that is in here - and fully explained. This has "inspired" many others. Very commercial, exciting and memorable work... with an Imp Bottle no less.

Other effects and methods are included, each with their own unique spin on performance and principle. Remember though, this work is not just about the tricks or props, but rather about the principles that make anything more memorable and interesting to an audience, be that an audience of one or one thousand.

Here is a list of the items in this work:

* Impish Thoughts and Meaningful Magic

* The Love Force

* Reflections of the Inner Self

* A Rip In Reality

* Counting Blessings

* Miracle For Those Who Dare

* Mojo-Grow and Metaphor

* Drawn Together

* The Jade Hook

If you care about performing more than just learning tricks, this is a manuscript you will find very useful and inspiring. If tricks are all you wish, then get ready for some very different tricks - the kind that make you and your audiences think about what they have seen for a long time to come.

As Kenton says in the foreword to this work:

"I know you have heard this stated many times before, but I want to tell you how to change a trick into a miracle, rather than just telling you to 'do it'. The lessons at the end of each effect help you review the principles and thoughts on how I got from point A to point B. Then you may apply these same concepts to your own tricks and performances."

An important yet light study for every student who cares about meaningful performance, and a must for Kenton fans.


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