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Influence Counts (Download PDF)


Influence Counts is a unique principle every mentalist needs to be using.

Once you learn this easy to use, automatic working principle and expansions, you'll be set to seemingly cause instant influence with anything, or predict the consequences of seemingly very random mixtures of people and events.

Here is just a little taste of what you can do with this method:

You Will:

* Use someone's name as a way to eliminate all but one book in a stack of books...the very book you need for your favorite book test.

* Cause a participant to be a detective and, using their lucky number or chosen detective name, strangely find every innocent person among face down photos, until only the guilty remains.

* Do 7 Keys to Baldpate making it personal when you wager your check on someone's good name, even before you could possibly know what their name is...and you can count on it!

* Give a reading using a weekly pill case. The person spells their name and eliminates all but one of the sections of the pill case. The eliminated readings are not pretty, but the one the participant keeps due to the spelling of their name is very BRIGHT!

* Learn Kenton's Lama Fortune Cookies: A Kenton favorite reserved for very special clients only. A circle of fortune cookies is put on a tray. A random method is used by the participants to arrive at only one fortune cookie. The rest are smashed to bits! Carl Jung would be pleased as synchronicity creates a miracle. The fortune cookie that remains is opened by the participants to find the fortune is perfect for them, while none of the other fortunes fit at all.

* Name and openly predict which person will be left seated in a chair test, regardless of the seeming randomness of the event.

* Use the force of a triangle or pentagram, and the participant's name or favorite number, to influence them to do exactly as you have written you would cause them to do.

* Cause participants on stage to eliminate themselves until only one person remains...the V.I.P. or guest speaker for an event.

* So much more...the applications are truly endless.

This principle and applications as Kenton uses and teaches them are something every mystery performer needs in their toolbox. This method can be used impromptu to create miracles on the spot.

Some of these effects are so realistic clients consider the experience actual signs of good fortune and divine providence, not mere presentations.

Use this principle and the many effects taught for close-up, stand-up, living rooms, or stage. The applications and presentations are virtually endless once you know this Secret Influence as Kenton now reveals in full for the first time ever.

Kenton mentioned a very small and limited version of the principle in Easy Mental Marvels, and in his Sessions 2, but only as applicable in a certain use. This work finally reveals the full power and inside secret methodologies that make the principle useful anywhere, with nearly anything.

INFLUENCE COUNTS works with lucky numbers or by eliminating objects based upon anyone's name. A simple counting procedure, counting each letter of a person's name, is used to eliminate items until only one seemingly random item remains. This makes the effects personal, intimate, and seemingly impossible to predict. But you do successfully predict the outcome no matter what someone's name might be, or what is their lucky number. It seems SO random and fair as to be completely unpredictable...yet it is entirely under your influence.

NO moves

NO sleights

NO multiple outs

NO secret helpers

NO Dual Reality

YES it is a sure thing

YES virtually anyone can do it

YES it impresses everyone involved

This is one of those things you need to know in order to do miracles and interesting effects at the drop of a hat, create large effects on stage with people without preparation, perform intimate effects, even one-on-one routines, that touch people profoundly by using their name, and give you a set of tools that allow you to create your own presentations easily.

Kenton uses some of this material for his best clients to this day. Now you can too.


INFLUENCE COUNTS by Kenton Knepper

Speaking of Kenton Knepper, his very latest e-book, INFLUENCE COUNTS, is yet another e-book, like IT'S SUGGESTION, which I think is badly misnamed. From the title, one would think that it is Kenton talking about influence or suggestion and how important it is. You'd be wrong.

It's actually an exploration of a very useful mathematical principle, credited by Kenton to George Sands, that can be used for a variety of routines. In other words, it's about tricks and not theory. And it's probably going to be one of Kenton's most underrated work of the last few years.




Accurate or nearly accurate and complete.


It's NOT a book about theory or influce. It's about one principle that can be applied to countless routines.


Close-up, Parlour, Stage, Walkaround


Though the title may be misleading, this work features an exploration of a single principle applied to a variety of effects. This recommended work will probably become one of Kenton's most underrated works.


Like IT'S SUGGESTION, Kenton Knepper's previous release, I feel that this title is way too clever and has badly misnamed this incredibly practical work. Many will probably not buy it based on the title alone. One might infer from the title that Kenton is talking about influence and theory on how to do that in performance. Nope. Not even close.

In this e-book, which the blurb above accurately describes, Kenton has taken one principle, which he credits to George Sands, and explores it in this forty-five page e-book. Kenton has applied this mathematical principle to a variety of effects and props, such as business cards, Tarot cards, books, and coins. As the title implies, it involves counting and it's self-working and it can be done impromptu. One can even use this over the phone or Internet.

Because this is an exploration of one principle, you can't expect to add all these routines to your repertoire, but you WILL find and add at least one. Or, even better, this will fire up your imagination to come up with a winning routine of your own. This is definitely a principle that you want to know and be able to use.

Natch, I highly recommend this.


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