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Kenton's Las Vegas Lecture Package

  • Get many of Kenton's most powerful card pieces, and easy to do instant readings methods, as seen in Kenton's most recent Las Vegas lecture.
  • Over a dozen videos in this set.
  • Over a dozen ebooks in this set, not counting the videos.
  • Get insider information few others can get, when you gain access here today.

Get Kolossal Killer with all the extras, including Killer Konceptions updated, K.E.N.T. 2010, and more.

Get the secret insider knowledge only of Kenton's famous Dunninger's Delight plus get Dunninger's 2 with even more full routines (cards not included).

Get the Dual Reality Deck video, complete with full explanations.

Get the Kentonism Deck video, which allows you to do mental influence with cards that seems impossible.

Get the Cards of Influence ebook with details about effects with cards Kenton performs in his lecture.

Get Subliminally Wild videos to see how to make the most of this amazing and topical effect, as seen in Kenton's lecture.

Get the Personality Readings video from Kenton's talk at Magic and Meaning in Las Vegas.

Get the hard to obtain Eddie Tullock ebook to learn classic forces properly as demonstrated by Kenton in his live lectures. Here are the full details of how to do a classic force well and easily, from the founder of Trade Show magic.

Get the 2011 edition of Kenton's popular Backlash effect, complete with close-up and stand-up versions.

Get the full scoop on the Chiller hypnotic effect that Kenton uses to open nearly all of his lectures.



  1. Kentonism Dual Reality Deck

  2. Dual Reality Deck Explained

  3. Subliminally Wild Video

  4. Subliminally Wild Explained

  5. Sleightly Touched Effect

  6. Sleightly Touched Explained

  7. Mates For Life Effect

  8. Mates For Life Explained

  9. Kentonism Deck, Casual Demo

  10. Kentonism Deck Explained

  11. Personality Readings Video

  12. Dunninger's Delight with Michael Finney

  13. Dunninger's Delight with a rowdy crowd

  14. Dunninger's Delight, Real Secret Insider Working: Use the password: letmein


  1. Readings For Performers (168 KB)

  2. Personality Readings for Performers (550 KB)

  3. Cards of Influence eBook (6.51 MB)

  4. Truly Subliminal Card Secret (1.85 MB)

  5. Tullock Book (10.02 MB)

  6. Safe Bet by Pablo Amira, Another Approach to Kolossal Killer (7.20 MB)

  7. Envision Card Effects and Methods (2.21 MB)

  8. K.E.N.T. for Kolossal Killer (304 KB)

  9. Killer Konceptions 2010 for Kolossal Killer (2.25 MB)

  10. The Original Kolossal Killer (242 KB)

  11. Backlash 2011 Book (378 KB)

  12. Chiller Hypnotic Chill Effects, New Methods and Revelations (44.17 MB)

  13. Great Minds Think Alike (787 KB)

  14. Dunninger's 2 Plus (13.44 MB)

Tags psychology, Readings, cards, Mentalism
Media Type Digital Lesson

Customer Reviews

  • Amazing time and grateful for it all.

    5 Stars

    I am very grateful that you were able to do this for us. Lots of great wisdom and laughs were shared. I'm always amazed with your generosity.

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  • Amazing bargain.

    5 Stars

    The lecture was full of surprises showing the creativity and originality in everything Kenton touches. The emphasis was on performing powerful magic but not working hard to do it. The wisdom was evident, powerful and pure. The price, the bonuses and the lecture were an amazing bargain.

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