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Kenton Fechter Force

  • Force almost any item
  • Learn in less than 20 minutes
  • A shorter less than DIRECT CONTROL

We uncovered rare video from a special hometown holiday lecture Kenton did in 2011.

In this very special lecture, Kenton tips the KTFF/Kenton Fechter/Direct Control method.

This method allows you to force colors of markers, candy, bags, bills, envelopes, and mixtures of large items like bottles, cans, boxes, presents, cups, statues, almost anything.

Watch the video lesson several times, with objects you have near you. Very quickly you will learn how well this works, and how simple it is to do.

It will take you a little practice, just to get used to doing it, but no sleight of hand is needed, and no special gimmicks either.

In the video lesson, Kenton writes on a whiteboard the name of a color but turns the board around so the audience does not see it. Audience members stop on random items, such as markers, candy, tea, crayons, and so forth. The audience openly chooses different items, but when the whiteboard is turned around, it is seen to have the color GREEN written on it. Amazingly, every item that was chosen, even the tea and candy, is green in color. This is simply one of many presentations possible. You will know exactly which items will be chosen.

Kenton also teaches his original Ace cutting presentation at the end of this, so magicians have a great effect to do, besides all the mentalism forcing you will learn.

Taken from a live, very special lecture. The video was reformatted to be viewed in modern formatting.

NOTE: You may also find this video in the DIRECT CONTROL lesson on our website. Direct Control deals with this and other approaches in more advanced and detailed ways. If you are not sure what Direct Control is, or if it will fit you, this lesson will help you see what it is, and whether or not Direct Control approaches will work for you. If you want to learn the basics of Direct Control at a lower price and learn the essential idea quickly, this is the lesson for you. You can always get the Direct Control advanced methods later on our website. Please note we do not have a special deal for those who buy this and then later get Direct Control. Choose which you want to start. You might pay a little more if you end up getting both, but you can also save yourself some money if you watch this and feel that this sort of approach isn't something you are ready for yet. We know almost anyone can use these methods and we also know some people have to ease themselves into more direct approaches such as these.

At this price, you really can't go wrong.


  1. Kenton Fechter Timing Force of Anything

Media Type Digital Lesson

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