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Kenton's Keys

  • NO suspicious movements.
  • NONE of the usual "misdirection".
  • NO switching keys out for other keys.
  • NO moving keys around like you are trying to swat flies.
  • NO extra devices to hide.
  • NO nerves required.
  • Keys may be given out and kept by audience members.
  • Kenton was one of the very first metal bending performers, along with Uri Geller and Steve Shaw, in the 1970s.
  • You get decades worth of real life practical stuff, not something some newbie dreamt up in their parent's basement.


"Pure gold!" Andreas Sebring 

"Great energy! Great effect!" - Juliet Mentalist, Munich, Germany

"Only managed to see one video yet, but it's something totally new to me. Makes perfect sense and is just brilliant thinking." - Stephen Young

"Kenton, that is incredible. Very nice work." - Mike Sorensen

"Such a cliche, but I honestly do want to keep this one to myself. Don't buy it! Though there may be enough different bends for all of us." - Steve Wachner

Presenting at long last: Kenton's Keys, a special collection of Kenton Knepper's famous (and rarely seen by other performers) real world key bending work.

*** Warning: These methods really do look like the real thing. Be prepared to deal with that responsibly and appropriately. ***

Did you know that Kenton was one of the very first metal bending performers, along with Uri Geller and Steve Shaw, in the 1970s? He KNOWS how to make metal mending look and feel like the real thing. (And he shows you how in this premier private collection.)

This collection is a definitive collection of Kenton's original key bending methods and effects. You'll see and learn the real look and feel of metal bending with Kenton's methods, subtleties and presentations. This is how this effect is meant to be experienced, but so rarely is when taught by others.

The video on this page gives you just one live, unrehearsed, example of one of Kenton's unique Key effects.

There's much more. In this complete collection you get:

* Kenton's Key Destruction (as seen in the above video): An original effect that proves you have powers unlike most people, including most fake metal benders.

* Kenton's Open Key Bend: A single key is shown openly and held between a thumb and first finger only. NO movement. NO distraction. NO switches. While all eyes are on the key, it slowly bends and bends. A surprise happens at the very end, where even the key fob or handle is bent! The same key, now bent, is handed out for examination. You need NO extra devices. NO sleight of hand.

* Two Signed Key Bend: Two ordinary keys are signed by two participants. Nothing else is used. The participant who is most skeptical has their key bent without suspicious movement, hurried action, the usual misdirection, or other devices. This is direct and impressive, with no set-up, nothing needed other than two keys and two people. There is a reason Kenton's work looks like the real thing. The psychology here is simple, and changes everything.

* Kenton's Original Key Bend: Two keys (and only two keys) are used, one aluminum, one brass. Each key is set on a table, one at a time, to see which key rests flat on the table. When one key is found to be just a tiny bit bent, and not completely flat, the other key is used for the bend. The key which has been clearly seen as the most perfect key is the one that is then bent. This key bends with all eyes on it at all times, with no misdirection, no switching of this key, no extra devices, no sleight of hand, no nothing.

* Shaman Key: A presentation in which a participant imagines putting all the negative energy of an issue they have into a key in their hand...a psychological and symbolic ritual of healing.

* MORE: NINE videos show Kenton's key bending effects, teaching the exact methods, the subtle psychology, and the ingenious thinking you have come to expect from Kenton.

You also get a 20+ page eBook with additional ideas, philosophy of metal bending performance, Wonder Words script enhancers, bending psychology and important touches as only Kenton can give.

Kenton's methods don't use typical misdirection, switches, sleight of hand, duplicates, special pens or other extras.

You don't even need special or hard-to-find keys. In fact, you can use any old keys or even get a bunch of key blanks at your hardware store or online. ( sells key blanks in bulk, for instance. It's easy to make up inexpensive yet powerful give-away keys that people will keep, talk about, show off and remember you.)

NO suspicious movements.

NONE of the usual "misdirection".

NO switching keys out for other keys.

NO moving keys around like you are trying to swat flies.

NO hurry, no worry, no fuss.

NO extra devices to hide.

Keys may be given out and kept by audience members.

For real world performances, most of these pieces leave you completely reset! We know this sounds almost impossible, but it is true. Unless you want a participant to keep the bent key, these methods allow you to be instantly reset to perform again.

It's just plain weird to carry spoons and forks around with you close-up. It is completely natural to use keys from your keyring or pocket.

Until now, for all these years, Kenton has kept these secrets to himself and to a few of his closest friends. Not even other "names" in metal bending know much about these methods. These are highly practical methods that you can and will perform.

Why is Kenton revealing his real world performance material, which he regularly uses to amaze and entertain his own private audiences, to others? Well, you'll have to "stay tuned" for that. For now, simply be glad he is and take advantage of your opportunity to learn.




E-Book with downloadable videos


Accurate or nearly accurate and complete.


Close-up, Parlour, Stage, Walkaround


If you're interested in performing keybending as a mentalist, then this collection of ideas and effects will provide you with some of the most powerful routines you can do.


When the blurb proclaims that this is the "definitive collection of Kenton's original key bending methods and effects," you can best believe it.

But what's most essential in knowing about this work is that Kenton has brought back into focus what is most important about performing key bending as a demonstration of mental skill. Too often, people make wild and quick bends that look something out of a cartoon. When one does it that way, it looks like magic. Now, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, if one's a magician. If one's a mentalist, then this approach just will not off as real. Period.

With this collection of methods and effects, Kenton puts the "real" back into key bending for mentalists. Included in this package is a 22 page PDF that contains about six effects in addition to his thoughts and ideas on metal bending, plus nine videos that run a total of about 45 minutes. If you're interesting in key bending at all, this is certainly something to get.

Now all in completely streaming video so you won't need to worry about those huge downloads!


  1. Kenton's Keys Demo 1

  2. Kenton Keys Part 2

  3. Kenton Keys Part 3

  4. Kenton Keys Part 4

  5. Kenton Keys Part 5

  6. Kenton Keys Part 6

  7. Kenton Keys Part 7

  8. Kenton Keys Part 8

  9. Kenton Keys Part 9

  10. Review of Kenton's Keys by Steve Wachner


  1. Kenton Keys ebook (213.18 MB)

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    This is pure gold!

    - Andreas Sebring

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