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Kenton's "The Secret" in PDF Download


Kenton's Underground Classic "Kenton's THE SECRET" is HERE IN PDF AT LAST...

Here's what Kenton said in a private note to a friend about "The Secret":

"The Secret" is more mentalism and does take some guts. Some will want to use an occasional out. But Bob Sheets, Allen Zingg and myself all have versions of this material. We supply some no-miss methods as well as the more bold approaches. This is POWERFUL stuff - some of the most valuable work I have tipped in a long time.

It is frightening as hell real mentalism - where the spectator is taught how to use their own intuition and without blatant cues name a card in an envelope, personality traits of the portrait of someone sealed in an envelope, etc.

The spectator is NOT stooged. I use this when doing close-up before I do a stage event. It appears to be warming up my own mind and its capacity to project thoughts into the minds of spectators. The spectators themselves are often clueless as to how they know the answers.

It sells for $40.00, but I know for a fact is is very, very worth that price and much more. Bob Sheets agrees. Numerous options and secrets all teaching the inside dope of what I, and a few select others, do with these little known but related principles. This work iis for those serious about doing realistic mentalism and are willing to work at just that. It could provide some very thought provoking study regardless - even for a student alone.

Then again, the Sheets version also included is more magic and as fun as it is mystifying. So magicians will find material worth performing here too.

I am hoping in one sense not too many do this material as this is the stuff that has become part of my legend and reputation. It took years to finally write, but now it's almost ready to release. I think you'll be amazed at what the real secrets are here. This material stuns audiences and performers alike. Like the rest of the series, a very little known or used principle is applied in equally unique ways.

I think this ROCKS.

See you soon.

- Kenton

The basic effect is a sealed envelope contains a playing card or photo inside it. The performer claims he will telepathically send what is in the envelope to the spectator. By using her intuition, she is to answer questions about the picture or playing card. While she may have NO IDEA HOW SHE KNOWS, it turns out that the ONE CARD in the envelope (or picture) is what she imagines. This can be repeated. In fact the more you do it, the better the spectator's intuition becomes. Spectators may even guess correctly which cards each other have hidden in their pockets, which object one is thinking about, etc. This is the basic, but surely NOT ONLY effect/performance application or presentation.

We cannot tell you what The Secret is or how valuable it is. That takes an entire manuscript to tell properly. But for Kenton and a few pros who know, it is the the real mentalism upon which they have made reputations.

Kenton asked his distributor to tone down any advertising on this one... to keep it away from all but those who deserve it. This was a rare demand by Kenton, and when you get this, you'll know why Kenton has kept it so close to him for so many years.

This is as close to real as it gets without being entirely real mindreading. SERIOUSLY.

We sell portions of this as individual downloads. The whole book sold for $40 - $50 depending on the dealer. Now it is here for all who wanted to take it with them to study on their travels.

WARNING: This may create real followers and believers. Be prepared for explanations to real people that is within your own integrity. This release is NOT for scamming the Public! Kenton uses it with the Public to teach them about many issues. How you use it is up to you, but don't abuse it or expose it, PLEASE. Yes, we KNOW it seems like the real thing... because in part, it IS.

NOTE: The PDF version does NOT contain "Car" by Thom Bleasdale. That may be found only in the original, now very rare, hardcopy manuscript.

Over 50 full size pages in PDF format. This download is in a ZIP FILE to make it easy for everyone, even Internet Explorer users, to access it right away.

HOW TO UNZIP ZIP FILES: We have put this into a ZIP archive to make it easier for customers to download. Most modern computers have an unzip program built-in. If you can't open the file, we suggest the free program: 7-zip (PC users). Mac users can rely on Stuff It Expander.

Now even if you have IE it will be EASY to download this PDF ... Because we ZIPPED IT for you too!


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