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Kenton Sampler (PDF Download)



We have culled a sample of great material from Kenton's published as well as out of print books. You will find items you missed and more.

For those avid Kenton readers and fans, Kenton has added expanded notes and comments on many of these items, as well as new material.

TEN of Kenton's tricks that are practical and simple to do. Some of the effects may appear heavy, but each one of these miracles are relatively easy.

Includes two bonus effects.

The sampler also includes many examples of Wonder Words in practical application.

Take A Look At All That Is Included:

* When Time Stands Still (Sorcerer Series)

A clock stops dead when the performer stops his pulse. Novel original method by Kenton. No magnets required (read carefully!)

* Tarot (From Enchanted Evening)

One of the Weerd classics. "Are you afraid of paper?" asks the performer. When people find the question to be absurd, Kenton brings out a Tarot deck. "Boo" Kenton says in response as he displays the deck. Kenton's subtle hints and playful statements says much about Tarot, symbolism and the spectator. A memorable piece that amazes as well as informs.

* A Cut Above (Miraculous Ploys)

This is so useful we market it on its own. A simple readings device that is more akin to a real reading than a magic trick premise. Loads of metaphor occurs under the guise of a simple and direct pocket effect.

* Insta-Pop (Little Book of Wonders)

This started a craze of popcorn being popped in the hand by close-up performers and psychic entertainers. Learn the original that started it all.

* The Channel (From Weerd Enough)

A wild mix of card effect and very realistic channeling...of the spectator! Funny, strange, weerd and wild. Plus, it is easy to do! Very entertaining piece with numerous additional possible presentations and important lessons in presentation.

* Any Card at Any Number (With Newell Unfried)

OK, this fooled guys at the Castle because it uses an ingenious situation, Dual Reality and Wonder Words. A stand-up presentation that has fried the experts is now yours to do. Originally found in the Sorcerer Series.

* Poisoned Water (From "X")

Also found in the later Mind Reading Lessons, a novel approach to the "find the poisoned glass" routine using modern water bottles and a very sure, direct, method.

* Sweet Treat (With David Greene - Indirection)

If you are out to eat with Kenton, this is one thing you are likely to see him perform. It is such an unusual sugar packet effect that people talk about it for hours, yet it is easy to perform, requires no set-up, thumbtip or gimmicks, and no sleight of hand. Yes, it is that close to real, and a Kenton favorite.

* The Secret Committee Prediction (Perfected Prediction and Mind Reading Lessons)

A sealed prediction with no switches, that is sure to hit, no matter what. This item changed how many approach headline predictions and the like. Find out why here. Kenton has used this as one of his main methods of predictions for over 30 years. Now you can too.

* Puttin' A Shine On - Wonder Words and a Card Guard Mind Reading Effect

A spectator reads the mind of another spectator by staring into the shiny surface of a card guard. No one else sees a thing, but the spectator swears they see a number of images, that finally reveal the card the other spectator has hidden away.

* More

Have a taste and savor the unusual at a truly tasty price too.

It's a nice collection to have if you don't own everything Kenton has ever written, and a good collection to have to keep some of the more unusual Kenton classics together for reference all in one place!

You just can't miss at this price.

PDF download in zip file for instant reading.


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