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KONTROL by Kenton and The S.E.C.R.E.T. School (PDF Download)


An additional independent review of Kontrol may be read at Here is yet another rave comment...

"I had the pleasure of having Kenton perform Kontrol for me in person with random everyday objects and it was FANTASTIC! It was quick and when I backtracked it, I felt that I had every option to change my mind. The freedom to change was almost overbearing. After I picked the item he knew I was going to choose, I did NOT see any visible outs on anything else - all while the prediction was right in front of me!

Excited for the release of this gem!"

Luke Brady

Professional Performer

ABC 15 News

What is KONTROL? "Kontrol" is as essential to Kenton's mentalism as is Kolossal Killer. That should tell you a lot. Kontrol can be performed at any time, walk around, at the bar, close-up, on television, on the street, at home - anywhere intimate performance is possible.

Effect: Two people are told they will be influenced in advance. These two people will both participate using two objects selected out of five or more objects. The spectators should attempt not to be influenced, but the performer claims they will be influenced all the same. Remember, the audience is told in advance that both people will be used in the test, and both will have their own decisions to make about two objects.

The first spectator chooses two objects and (for instance) hands these two to the second spectator. The second spectator turns around and places one of the objects in his pocket. When the second spectator turns back around he sees the performer has already predicted in advance which object would be hidden in the person's pocket. In fact, this prediction has been in full view from the start.

Another variation has the spectator holding the item and discovering the prediction is on the very item he/she is holding. This is not the use of "multiple outs" but rather different presentations possible with Kontrol.

*No unnatural actions

*No odd eliminations

*No suspicious wording

*No strange maneuvers

*No out of place results

*No multiple outs required

*No bad choices or outcomes

*Yes, you are always correct

*Yes they can change their minds repeatedly.

*Yes, you can challenge spectators to try to stop you from influencing them, but they cannot.

You might think of Kontrol as "challenge equivoque" in which you actually dare people to try and not be influenced, knowing all along you will never fail.

Two people choose what to do about the two objects chosen, and yet try as they might, they are always seen as influenced by you. Don't worry though, it's easy and you won't fail. There's nothing risky about this one.

This important work includes other valuable secret principles of mentalism, including Ben Highway's Temporal Principle.

This principle makes mentalism highly realistic and believable, yet it is startling easy to apply. Even magic effects can be made to seem important and highly personal to spectators once you learn to use this simple yet vital principle. It is included here as Kenton uses it with Kontrol to stunning result. Now you can too.

You will also get Leonardo Silverio's "Subliminal Kontrol" as part of this package.

In effect, a spectator is told to write down a number, shape or drawing - whatever he or she desires... BUT - the person will be influenced and cannot write by their own free will. The spectator will swear they freely decided on what they secretly wrote down. But after a while they will realize the subliminal influence nearby that seemingly caused them to write down what they did. This is a startling presentation that is not a "ta-da" trick, but a manner of making standard effects entirely realistic and authentic.

We wish we could accurately tell you all about what Kontrol is, but we cannot. Performing it will tell you about its real power. We don't mean to be coy. It's simply that any description demeans the impact it has on real audiences. The above descriptions give you a general sense, but not the true power.

Imagine the most fair, direct, non-messy, realistic, easy, "challenge equivoque" you could dream about. Then imagine it's even better than that.

In equivoque you cannot tell an audience in advance precisely what will happen, because you have to adjust as needed. In equivoque you cannot challenge spectators from the start not to be influenced, or they'd figure out equivoque right away, not to mention mess it all up.

Kontrol puts complete control in your hands without fear, worry or concern. No matter what spectators choose to do, you can calmly and easily show how you knew they would do just this all along, without multiple outs required, and engraved on a single item in their hand or pocket if you wish.

Carry this with you and be set to prove you have real mental influence over anyone, anytime, anywhere. Even on the phone and with a friend.

It's little wonder Kenton has kept this hidden except to close friends and students. Kenton relies on this material, and you will too.

Our Thanks To The S.E.C.R.E.T. School for their amazing work included in this release.

12.47Mb Download in PDF/Zip Format

Review From Jheff and

"When Kenton releases a gem, it gets everyone talking. Wonder Words and Kolossal Killer are his most well-known and talked about classics. This one, Kontrol, will more than likely be added to this list over time. In fact, Kenton uses this and then follows it up with Kolossal Killer for a one-two punch.

Essentially, Kenton has used some brilliant phrasing to improve the way most do equivoque or, at the very least, add some different wrinkles well worth studying. As the blurb states, this language can now allow the performer to tell the spectator in advance what's going to happen and that they will be influenced.

The only drawback is that you need exactly five objects. With the standard equivoque, you can improvise and use as many as the participant likes. I think in the future that Kenton, or someone else, may come up with language that overcomes this, but it isn't a major drawback, just a consideration.

Also, the main effect, as written, isn't completely impromptu. You do have to prepare one item and keep it with you always. To clarify, though, this preparation does not make the item a gimmick, nor is it an unusual item to have in one's pocket. Most have this item in their pocket already. To get a custom made one is not that expensive, either. Kenton tells you how to do that. (I got one made for me at a cart in the local shopping mall for $20 and I know it will last quite a long time). Also, should you wish to use a different item, and make this impromptu, you can and Kenton does cover this as well.

This nineteen page downloadable PDF takes only a few of these pages to describe the main effect, but the rest includes copious details of the psychology behind it, tips, and the bonus routines explained in the blurb. There is quite a bit of very important pyschological techniques that are revealed here and I can't stress enough that, though the routine is well worth the price, the psychological subtleties presented here are also worth the price, if not more so. One can apply them to many other effects, routines, and situations.

The only other caveat is that you must study the script of the routine and the manuscript that details the why of what's being said. Otherwise, it just may not come out as effective as it should. Those familiar with Kenton's work will think this warning is a "D'oh! Of course!" statement, but even those who know may need to be reminded. Ask me how I know.

I don't think that there is any question that this is one of the best releases I've read all year and, due to its versatility, it should definitely be in my top buys for 2009. Needless to say, I've been having great fun with this and highly recommend it, especially at the $25 price which, like Kolossal Killer, makes it a steal."


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