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Kut Ups (Downloads)

  • Mentalism with photos that make mentalism visual.
  • Appear to do subliminal and mental influence.
  • Use images that people randomly cut apart, and predict exactly what they will do.
  • Funny, scary, unusual, seemingly ordinary images all work to provide quick mentalism entertainment.


This is a VERY full set of original mentalism, complete with all the special images you need. Print out quickly and cheaply any of the images when you need them.

A complete routine with so many options you can do only the ones you like the very most.

A participant is shown a strip of photos from a photo booth and chooses one of the photos on it. The chosen image is exactly the one the mentalist predicted.

A set of over a dozen comic strips are shown and a participant picks one, sight unseen by the mentalist. The mentalist then starts to talk about the scene played out in the comic, and has predicted the situation in the comic well in advance.

A set of images on a strip of paper is cut by a participant. When the participant cuts turns out to be a hilarious prediction built right into the strip of paper itself. The mentalist either influenced the person to cut at the right place, or predicted exactly where the person would cut, along the line of photos.

A participant is shown an image with many different images scattered on it. The performer moves a finger over the images and the participant stops on an image. The image the participant chooses turns out to be the image the mentalist has predicted, but that is not all. Soon the participant starts to slip into a seeming trance and swears that everywhere the performer points, they see this same image, over and over again! Subliminal influence and trance illusion mixed with Mind Reading into a visual, easy to learn, effect.

You get over a dozen effects and unique presentations, 30 special images and a 60+ page book, that give you loads of options to perform serious mentalism, funny and entertaining predictions, strange influence and memorable Mind Reading.

The truth is, these effects are too cool and entertaining to be able to talk about. You will see for yourself when you get this set why we can't begin to describe it all. 

You will have a huge amount of entertaining mentalism that packs flat and small, and plays like you are a highly entertaining mentalist, even if you are new to mentalism.


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