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Kenton's "Live In Lecture" notes are from a series of small, rare lectures. But these notes are not like anything else out there.

The notes are constructed in a special way to lead you through your own personal journey, discover new ways of thinking, challenge your assumptions, and yes, learn a few unusual effects along the way.

Many modern performers will tell you that this controversial set of "notes" changed how they viewed their performances and often life itself. It is a very personal set of notes by Kenton (Kenton doesn't do lecture notes, but he did these anyway for high-end events) that will tell you much about Kenton, but, as the book says "This is a book about YOU..."

Part of what you will discover in this work is:

* The Fool's Journey

* Reading is Fun-Duh-Mental

* Sweet Nothings and A Reading

* Body, Mind and... A Formula

* On Acting and Character

* Of Constitution

* Finger Playing?

* The Karma of Patter

* The Magician Not Afraid Of Magic

* Just Plain "ART"

* Spontaneous Magic In Two Easy Steps (Milton and The Mysteries)

* Seeding Ideas

* Multiple Metaphors

* Everything Has Its PLACE

* Underhanded Ace Cutting

* Sleightly Touched

* The Love Force

* And much more revealed along the way, as you traverse this journey with Kenton as your guide.

Read the original work here that has been expanded and expounded upon by so many other authors later.

Kenton would occasionally put people into trance states while doing sponge balls in this lecture. How did he do it? The answers are here in these very special lecture "notes"!

Over 35 pages of intense revelations, thought-provoking concepts, symbolism, multiple meanings, metaphor - and that's just in the way the lecture notes are designed and written! You may barely be aware of what you are learning as you read, yet we know these deeper notions will pop up when you need them - even if you are not thinking about these consciously. How do we know that? It happens to us all the time, and we see it in talks and books by others who only realize after the fact that these unusual set of notes inspired them without conscious awareness.

These notes originally sold for $40 and up. They have long been out of print. Hard copies with hand-colored covers signed by Kenton have been sold as collector items. Now you can get the inside work at a fraction of that cost. Some portions of these notes may be found in other Kenton trance books, for those who wish to study more in-depth about these sorts of things. "Sleightly Touched" described in this book also may be seen on the "Blank!" DVD - look into our DVD section for this DVD.

You will find an expansion of the trance work from "Live in Lecture" in the book "Trance This!" as well (see product below or look in our literature section).


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