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Master Prediction Collection


Two of the most devious and practical methods for making accurate headline predictions  in one sweet package.

Learn powerful surefire methods of making modern predictions of news events, without having to do any sleight of hand or switches of prediction envelopes.

Kenton's Perfected Prediction: A person signs the paper the prediction is written on in full view of a commitee. The prediction is sealed and may even be mailed snailmail. Someone from the commitee opens the predction envelope themselves and reads it, after assuring the envelope has not been touched or tampered with by anyone. This includes a method Kenton used to stun mentalists in Blackpool, England. A secret panel of people may instead sign the outside of the prediction envelope and someone representing the secret panel can bring the envelope onstage themselves, open it and read it, with no switches or sleight of hand required. The writing and the person's own signature on the outside of the envelope is verified by them, before they open the prediction.

This prediction method contains bonus material such as "pocket cloud busting" and "sleeping on symbols to create change".

Volpe's Headline Prediction is an impossible predictions of both present time selections by a participant and the day of performance headlines, all on a DVD, inside a signed and sealed envelope. You can also make the prediction on a USB and seal it in an envelope to be played later instead. No switches are required and everyone is impressed, including the participant of course.

Combine these two or see how well these methods, though diverse and different, fit together amazingly, giving you many options all at once.

You will see how Kenton's Perfected Prediction influenced Luca Volpe's Headline Prediction and how both may be worked together with stunning results.

Professional mentalists have relied upon Kenton's Perfected Prediction method for decades. It is one of the most devious and direct methods ever created in modern times.

Luca Volpe's Headline Prediction method has been performed all over the world.

Now these can be yours for a limited time.


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