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Memory Mashup (PDF Download)



MEMORY MASHUP was named "One Of The Top Mentalism Products of 2012 by Jheff and

"I absolutely love Memory Mashup! I performed a couple of the effects last night at a private party and they killed." - Nate Anderson

7 Effects plus Kenton's unique notes on memory and it's use in performance. No matter how real it looks, this is FOR PERFORMERS ONLY (as is all material on our website.)

Kenton gave a talk to a psychology class at Arizona State University. The topic was on memory, and how mentalists could use memory to force people to question their reality.

In fact, Kenton created special presentations and new effects, many of which were intended to cause mental "brownouts" of the minds of students. Perhaps this worked too well...

Now you can learn the 7 effects Kenton performed, which will make people question their own memory and mental states.

In this ebook you will learn:

* Forget That On The Count Of Three:

Two participants names are written on two blank cards, and numbered on the back. A third card is shown with the number 3 on the back. Participants guess what is on the #3 card. Oddly, it turns out to have the #2 participant's name on it! But wait. No, it turns out to have the #1's participant's name on it. turns out to have the performer's name on it! The other two cards which were numbered and labeled with the participant's names, and in full view from the start, are found to be without any names on them at all. This is mindblowing stuff.

The performer explains it all, how false memory and all the hallucinations were created...that, or the explanation is now a false memory!

This may also be used as a demonstration of causing people to have false memories, and predicting instead the names of two random participants.

* One Business Card Name Forgetting:

Kenton caused a sensation when he first introduced the idea of using Out To Lunch as a name forgetting ploy ages ago. Now he has taken this idea to the wildest conclusion.

A SINGLE BUSINESS CARD is shown and a participant's name is written on it. The participant sees their name on the card and is asked to say it. Suddenly, they cannot! The audience sees the business card has the participant's name on it, but the participant seems unable to say their own name. A snap of the fingers a the participant is once again able to say their name, and takes the single business card with their name on it home as a souvenir.

YOU CANNOT FAIL with this method. Psychology and an ultra-clean handling makes this work every time.

* Fleeting Predictions:

Two participants make two simple drawings of their own design on two blank cards. Two predictions are found and shown to be the exact same drawings as the ones the participants have made. Either the performer is toying with the memories of everyone, or perfect predictions were made in advance.

The performer proves, in a startling and strange way, that false memory is indeed the culprit.

This is very twisted stuff, and you should hardly be surprised when participants are overwhelmed by the experience.

* Much more, including "Subliminal Image Implant", "Believe It's A Memory", "Rise of the Subconscious", "Palm Prediction (All Time is Now)" and Kenton's notes on memory, linguistics and related principles.

40 pages of material, with plenty of photos to help you learn these diabolical routines. Use standard business cards or double blank cards for most of the routines.

Learn how Kenton creates "brownouts" with this material and how you can do the same.

All of this and more when you get Kenton's "Memory Mashup" ebook. You may have missed Kenton at ASU, but you can learn what even they could not conceive when you read this work!

Review by and Jheff:

"This is a collection of very powerful effects, each one dealing with a presentation involving memory. And, for those mentalists who don't like using playing cards, all of these effects use business cards or blank playing cards.

Other than mentioning that I really liked most of the effects in here, there's not much more that needs to be said because the ad blurb is accurate. This is another winning downloadable PDF from the prolific Kenton Knepper.

The one issue with this, if you call it that, is that Knepper is putting out so much stuff that if you don't get this right now, you'll probably, and ironically, forget about this PDF about memory effects. So, right now, buy this before that happens!"

- Jheff,

MEMORY MASHUP was named "One Of The Top Mentalism Products of 2012 by Jheff and


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