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MTP Mentalism Trance Powers: Relax and Chill Trance Mind Reading

  • Create the illusion and reality of instant trance states, without worry. You cannot fail with these methods.
  • Make standard mentalism effects more powerful and realistic.
  • Cause people to feel sand, cold, water, pavement, rain, stone, and all sorts of sensations that relate to a place the person holds secretly in their mind.
  • Help people reduce or eliminate migraine headaches apparently with your mental powers.
  • Mix mentalism and hypnotic trance effects without having to do hypnosis at all.

Steve Wachner reveals in great detail Kenton Knepper's secret works on causing people to go into apparent altered states and feel heat, cold, ocean water, rain, the locations and sensations people hold in their minds, and more.

Powerful secret methods allow you to do seeming hypnosis without fail, without hypnosis.

Mix these realistic reliable methods with mind reading and mentalism to make your mentalism or magic seem like the real thing.

Yes, there is a trick to it. That's the good news! These secret methods allow you to do what experts appear to do, but you will always be successful, and you never have to worry about the effects not working. These trance effects will always work, because of Kenton's devious secrets.

If you want to look like you have real mental powers, control over others, appear to influence the feelings of people you just met, tame or cure their headache, and do mind reading in realistic ways, here are things you need to do all of that, and even more.

7 streaming videos show you the effects, and teach you all you need to know to go out and do these routines and powerful effects in a day or two.

No need to download a ton of videos. These are streaming videos, so you can access over and over again, without ever having to worry about size of the video files or video downloads.

Also included is a download PDF with extra secrets and details revealed by Kenton Knepper.

Yes, you can do these effects without worry or possibility of failure! Kenton has made these effects a sure thing.

Look for "Chiller" at a bonus price when you get Mentalism Trance Powers here too. You'll want both MTP and Chiller Lessons to get the very best of all of these effects and methods, and to expand them even further to seemingly impossible heights.



  1. Relaxing Place Trance Effect

  2. Chill Effect Casual Demo

  3. Relax and Chill Video 1

  4. Relax and Chill Video 2

  5. Relax and Chill Video 3

  6. Relax and Chill Video 4

  7. Relax and Chill Video 5


  1. Relax and Chill Book (241 KB)

Tags trance effects, mind reading, Mentalism
Media Type Digital Lesson

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