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Mind Blasters USA (PDF Download)



We have brought it back online for a limited time...

MIND BLASTERS USA was named "One Of The Top Mentalism Products of 2012 by Jheff and

It's been impossible to get for years, but you can grab it now.

Over 350 pages of diabolical creativity in one ebook.

Over 80 Sensational Routines!

Illustrated with Photographs & Graphics.

Mind Blasters USA is a staggering collection of material from many of the very best Mentalists in America today.

In this incredible collection by Peter Duffie you will learn material by the following legends:

*Danny Archer

*Bruce Bernstein

*Richard Busch

*Christopher Caldwell

*Chuck Hickok

*Dale Hildebrandt


*Devin Knight

*Dennis Loomis

*Tony Razzano

*Barrie Richardson

*John Riggs

*Mark Strivings

*Don Theo III

*Sean Waters

*Allen Zingg


You will also find two effects by Kenton from the Mind Reading Lessons in detail here too...two effects he believes too many people have missed before and ought to be doing regularly!

With nearly 80 effects and methods from some of the best thinkers in mentalism today, you just can't beat this collection!

Some of the effects taught in this amazing ebook include:

*Digital Prediction

*Picture Duplication Done Cold

*Very Superstitious

*The Detective's Peek

*Spirit Calling

*Reversal of Fortunes

*Wallet Psychometry


*No Gimmick Book Test

*The $400 Secret



*Capping It Off

*Tarot Four Told

*Ring Tone

*Shopping Trip

*Droodles Deck

*Sugar from the Orient


*Memorized Deck Mystery

*I've Got The World On a String

*Time (and Time Again)

*Open Confabulation

*Through Time and Space Transported


Obviously a collection like this isn't cheap. Since it is an ebook however, we are able to make it far less than anyone could have ever expected. This took a very long time to put together. Peter Duffie has done an amazing job editing and producing this very special collection of mentalism by many of the top names in mentalism today.

Now for the news none of us would have predicted. The price.

It's only $29.95

Yes, we couldn't believe it either, but we double checked. This is really the price for this entire ebook when you order it here now.

Get this mind-melting collection by some on the biggest names in mentalism today at a price that will make you swear you stole something...well, almost!



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