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"Suddenly Wonder Words makes even more sense. I understand elements in Wonder Words now in ways I never did before. Thank you for finally writing this material out for us all!"

This book was once considered "the dream book" until Kenton proved the material extremely practical by fooling notable performers and thinkers from the Psychic Entertainers Association, The Magic Circle in London and performers and peers in Blackpool England, to mention but a few.

Standards from Kenton's performances such as "CHILL" and "Touched in the Head" are to be found in this work.

Here are a few sample of the contents in this important work:

* "Stirring": A spectator suddenly cannot make a simple stir straw spin on a table. What once seemed easy is now impossible due to suggestion. No gimmicks, just some great secrets.

* "Spirit Pen": A pen stands up on paper and writes what a spectator thinks. The BEST and easiest version ever. Nothing to make. Costs next to nothing... You probably own the needed prop already. The FULL version finally explained here.

* "CHILL": The performer makes the spectator feel cool, and then colder still, by stroking his hand or face and using apparent hypnotic methods. This is a classic Kentonism effect and many variations are included. GREAT stuff. THIS EFFECT IS A VITAL SUPPLEMENT TO KENTON'S "SIGNS OF INFLUENCE"! If you own S.O.I. then you'll know why you need this NOW!

* "Touched In The Head": The performer mimes scratching above a spectator's head, and the spectator feels his head get scratched. No, no loops or gimmicks. The performer holds his hands over the spectator who swears he feels "something". Weerd magic and suggestion worthy of the real thing. Impromptu. This later became part of "The Time Machine" DVD

PLUS: "Patterns in a Rainbow Mind", "OM Smoke", "The Weight of Thought" bags, Kenton's L.E.T. formula for performing and still MORE that has been marketed separately.

This is easy to perform material Kenton uses to apparently show how he uses suggestion to influence others, and has seemingly "real" abilities.

42 Full Size Pages

Find the power in this material by DOING this material... and you will convince yourself.

Material direct from Kenton's current working act, and items sold separately, together at a real steal of a price. Here is an incentive you won't want to miss!

Usually $30.00 in printed form. A special price now only direct from us. Download Note: We have put this PDF into a ZIP archive to make it easier for customers to download. Most modern computers have an unzip program built-in. If you can't open the file, we suggest the free program: 7-zip (PC users). Mac users can rely on Stuff It Expander.


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