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Neo Coffee

  • Read and reveal the inner desires of a participant.
  • Predict their future.
  • Deeply connect with an audience member, or several, in an engaging and entertaining manner.

Neo Coffee is a new fun, light reading routine that can create for your participant and audience a great mysterious moment of psychological introspection.

With a simple script, a visualization exercise and a common modern theme, you will be able to reveal someone's present emotional state, desires, goals, tendencies and even predict their future in a fun manner.

In the Neo Coffee eBook you will find the full routine, for single and multiple performance options, and a possible extra kicker that will create for your participant an incredible and credible souvenir.

If you want to create not just mind reading, but also solid and mysterious connections to your audience, anytime, anywhere, with no props, Neo Coffee is for you.

Kenton Knepper teaches how important connecting, truly connecting, with an audience is in all types of performing, large or small. Here is a way to connect with others meaningfully, while remaining entertaining.


  1. Neo Coffee by Pablo Amira (364 KB)

Tags Wonder Words, Readings, Mentalism, mind reading, psychology
Media Type Digital Lesson

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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Stars

    Thank you once again Kenton my friend for another practical piece of intuitive magical psychology & mentalism. I Truly love your approach to doing reading that are always, positive, inspirational, & empowering ! Yet Always Mystifying...Michael S

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